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Thanks to the cops who pulled me over [vic]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Basically, I just want to say thanks to the cops who pulled me over tonight.

    Im on my Ps and had a pillion on and the bike had no pillion foot pegs(i bought it like that). I think it was the foot pegs that caught their eyes.

    I was suppose to be penalised for not displaying P plates, having a pillion and no foot pegs however luckily these two policement are also riders and one of them also have a lil 250. They were very nice and everything which made me feel better from my last experience with the police.

    Maybe those policemen are on this forum aswell so just want to say thanks for being undestanding. I feel very proud to be part of this "riders" thing. Or maybe its just because its my birthday.
    Not to mention any names, but they're from the Footscray station.
  2. So you weren't charged with anything at all? That is an unbelievable instance of fairness and consideration coming from a police officer, I would never have believed such a thing were possible.
  3. Lucky for you you didn’t get done with a not displaying P plates, having a pillion and no foot pegs cam.
  4. Nice, you got lucky mate. Some of them are nice, though. I was cruising along the Westernport / Monash, through all the 80 road work zones and I watched a suspect car in my rear-view. He eventually got close enough behind me (while doing 100 in an 80) to worry me, so I changed lanes and sure enough it was an unmarked car... but then he proceeded to do 100 in all of the 80 zones and have no issue with anyone else around him (i.e. me) doing the same :D.
  5. Nice.

    I got pulled over in Warrandyte the other day. I was driving the kombi when some woman cut me off, so rather than braking heavily I just overtook her.

    A few minutes later, a police 4x4 was right on my tail with his lights on. After he pulled me over he said that they'd received reports that I was intoxicated, at which point I laughed and did the breath test.

    Cop was very nice about it all and said that of all the cars he'd passed to catch up to me, I was the only one driving properly and the only one to have pulled over at the sight of his lights.

    As he said goodbye he said, "Don't worry about it mate. She's probably some loopy who's seen the van and thought you'd had a few cones or something. Have a good day."

  6. Your pillion must be game
  7. Mmm 'fraid I have to disagree there. There's nothing fair or considerate about letting this slide.

    I certainly wouldn't have let the OP off on something like that, rider or not. Pillion on Ps without footpegs, AND no P plate? Christ, what more do you have to do to get booked??
  8. try $2.00 on a cbr-thou with no pegs at PI during SBK... :eek:hno:

  9. How many tyres were you carrying then?
  10. To the OP, you're a very lucky rider. Now learn your lesson and stop putting others at risk via poor choices you make, if your pillion came off and was injured wot then ?

    To Browny ..... was that you ?
  11. good to hear there are some good coppers out there :)