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Thanks to The Black Dog Ride organizers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by East Coast Cruiser, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. Enjoyed a good ride on the Tassie Black Dog Ride 2015. The ride from the East Coast to Campbell town was cold but uneventful except for a close encounter with a deer on the road that hadn't seen a Ducati before. Around 200-250 riders at a guess. Perfect weather in Campbell town and a nice swift run over to the East Coast . A 70klm leg and no cars = fun. Swansea turn off to Bicheno saw us squashed up a bit due to cars and a few riders being very cautious in the tighter corners before a bit of light rain at Bicheno.
    All in all an enjoyable ride. Thanks to the organizers for their efforts ensuring a safe ride and supporting a worthy cause.
    The attached photos are of barry_mckibarry_mcki 's sidecar rig with Axel ready to ride. He was super well behaved and looked a seasoned vet. in his doggles.


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  2. glad you had a fun day and that there was a great turnout - Axel certainly looks the part!!!
  3. Days started great, but got a little damp at the end of the ride. Was bucketing down for the first part of the way home then the sun came out again, had some fun locking up then spinning the back wheel on a couple of corners going up Elephants Pass. At least Axel stayed dry - he has an over head and side covers for his rig.

    I believe there were officially 240 bikes plus some late comers.

    "Just checkin the mirrors before we go"
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  4. Axel had more photos taken of him than all the bikes combined.
  5. I'll echo that for the SA Tanunda to Goolwa ride too. Merv and his team did a great job organising and running the day in perfect blue sky weather. With around 250 riders, it was a bit slow getting everyone across the Murray on the ferry, but otherwise it was fantastic.
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  6. looks like a great turnout