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Thanks to rider on a red honda vtr1000 firestorm

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nous, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Just in case you're on netrider, big thanks to the guy on a red VTR1000 who helped me out last night.

    Was on my way back from Loz's gig at the Bayside carols and chanced upon a fellow rider on the Nepean. We got to Queens Way, then my bike chucked a tantie.

    At around 11pm, the bike stalled while approaching the lights at Queens Rd/Union St and wouldn't start again. He was in the left lane, realised I was having problems and moved offroad and helped me push the bike onto an island.

    At one point, a huge truck in the left lane saw me in the middle lane trying to move left to safety but powered through anyway with an inch to spare between myself and cold hard truck. But fair enough, he'd just come in from an 80km zone and up a slope.

    The fella offered to cart me over to a servo for a jerry can of fuel in case I'd run out. And one point asked if my killswitch was on. I said it'd be fine, I'd just call for help aka Loz, so he left.

    Anyway bud, I got home ok after letting the Across rest for a while, and THANKS HEAPS for making sure I was ok!


    p.s. Still haven't figured out what was wrong. The red on the fuel indicator had gone on just a minute before the stall. Usually I have a fair number of k's before I have to use reserve. I let the bike rest for a 10 min, put it on reserve and putted off cautiously.

    Called Loz after the firestorm left and caught him just as he was about to perform again for a bunch of drunk middle-aged women baying for blood-cuddles :) He told me to try and 'limp it home' if all else failed. That's about 8km from where I stopped! Oh the life of a rockstar's partner, the rejection, the lack of care, the second-fiddling, boohoo... ;)
  2. :LOL: that doesn't sound like the Loz I know.... or maybe it does, seeing as there were boobs surrounding him :LOL:

    Good to hear you got home ok Cheng, get my mobile number from Loz's phone and next time this happens if ya need me, I'm only a phone call away.
  3. Aw sorry darlin', I'll make it up to ya I swear!

    ...I'll sign an autograph for ya!

  4. Storm riders are just fantastic people arn't they. :LOL: glad you got home safe n sound cheng.
  5. You meet the nicest people on a Honda (Firestorm).

    :LOL: :cool: