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Thanks to helpful riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by whynot, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Hi guys
    yesterday I picked up my new bike a triumph bonneville america and as soon as the rain stopped I took her out today for a spin. As I went along the GWH I felt a funny sensation on the backtyre and thought (shit) maybe it was an oilspil I didn't see. It felt strange to ride went to Penrith stopped by Wicked Ink (my daughter works there) and wanted to show her the bike. My heart stood still when I saw this massive nail sticking out of my rear tyre. My daughter made a few phone calls and low and behold not long after that some guys from WILD WEST Custom Cycles turned up to help me out. I was lucky cause the nail was driven in an angel and they could pull it out with out any damage.
    Thanks guys from Wildwest.
    If anyone wants to check out there Website WWW.WILDWESTCUSTOMCYCLES.COM.AU
    nice to know there some great guys out there to help.. Thanks again guys.

  2. Wicked Ink Penrith? I was looking at them for a tattoo a while back. They look like top artists and one of them was a friend of a friend.

    I let a fairing screw rattle out recently so I feel guilty every time I see one of these threads :oops:
  3. Elly that was kept really quite. :grin: Congrats on the new bike :grin: . Now you will have come out to show us all.

    Now that is what you call customer service!!! Well done to them.

    Cheers Lou
  4. hi Dave yes Wicked Ink is tattoo studio, and your right dam good artist working there and their prices are good..

    hehehe Lou, thank you ,well i said since after x-mas I will upgrade and when I came back from Melbourne it just happend that a friend found this beauti and told me about her. I certainly will show her off, at the moment I first try to get used to her feels like I am the first time on a bike. The power and the weight still scares me a bit...lol...but I get used to it. If the nail would not been in there I would of been yesterday in Rouse Hill, so it will have to wait till saturday.
    cheers Elly