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Thanks to all for the helpful advice

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RedRobbo, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Just wanted to say thank you to all those that having been kind enough to give me advice so far. So I have booked this afternoon to do my pre learners getting excited:woot:.

  2. Not that you will need it... But Good luck! and have fun !!
  3. Good luck with it, and when you get it, come in to one of our sat morn prac sessions, a few people come in from your way :)
  4. Well I think I went pretty considering I had never riden before. I didn't fall off or loose it so that's good I guess. I was never as hell, I driven go kats are pretty quick speed so I shouldn't be but there is fair bit more to think about here. The good news is I can actually ride and change gears already, the instructors was real happy how me and another guy got up to speed so quickly. Next step is now to book the learners test/ride day the instructor was really good but wasn't fond of sports bikes more cruises and now I don't know which bike I should go for:-k. Anyway was enjoyable but also I think taking all that was being told to has made mentally quite tired.
  5. Riding can be tiring. Even still for experienced riders. Good Onya mate,
  6. Booked in for my learners for the 28th of April, hoping that I will pass then next stop protective gear and bike:biker:
  7. Yay! I can feel your excitement building already!