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Thanks to a fellow rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fab, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. This morning, forgetting to fill up with fuel, the bike splutters to a stop on the Tulla.
    Not even 10 seconds after I have stopped and I'm feeling around for the fuel switch does another rider pull over to make sure all was OK.

    Not sure if your part of this forum but just wanted to say thanks! :grin: I hope I can pay this forward.

    All I remember was he had a personalised plate ending with R.

  2. Good to see riders looking out for each other. :grin:

    Get to know your petc*ck switch. When you're cruising along, feel for it and switch it over to reserve, then back again. Do this enough times that you can automatically reach for it as soon as the main tank starts to run dry, before your engine has died. Before you know it, switching to the reserve will be as second-nature as turning your indicators off.
  3. +1 good to see the comradery.

    and good tip there cockee
  4. :)
    Gives you a warm fussy feeling ....
    Or was that the feeling of weeing oneself as the engine dies across an intersection :p :p

    Reminds me .. I gotta practice using the fuel tap whilst riding :oops:
  5. ORRIGHT people we can track this guy down.

    He's probably riding a CBR, a ZZR, a ZXR, a TLR, a VFR, a GSXR, or a GTR. So keep an eye out!
  6. number plates Ktulu..

    so add in Bangr, Dangr, Viper....just to name a few i've seen around the city. Could end up with a LOOOOOONG list :LOL:
  7. Someone did this for me as well, definitely boosts your confidence. In my case I ran out of fuel completely (no reserve tank, just a fuel indicator which I estimated had enough fuel).

    We didn't have a tube to siphon with (which reminds me, I should buy one). So he directed me to the nearest servo (1-2 km away). Ah yes, my legs refused to forgive me for that!
  8. l didn't actually know that this type of thing happens until recently, my self and a mate had pulled over on the south eastern freeway, in as little as 10 minutes 3 bikers had pulled over to see if we were ok, 2 actually got off their bike and walked over to us, amazing! Couldn't see cagers ever doing that for each other! Will pay it forward for sure.
  9. He made you walk? I'd have pillioned you there and back to your bike with a tank of fuel. :grin:

    The only time I've run out of fuel on a bike, I started pushing to the servo that I knew was about 1km way. A family in a Crewman ute pulled up. The Mum and Dad raced sidecars and rode an R1. They gave me a lift to the servo, back to the bike with a can of fuel, made sure I got started okay, then followed me back to the servo to return the fuel can for me. They were so cool! :grin:
  10. I think the majority of us here do what we can when we can :)

    Few months ago there was a learner on the side of Frankston Freeway lookin sorry for himself...cut across from the left lane to make sure he was ok (was in the car) and he said someone was on their way.

    Like to think people would do it for me, so like to do it for others :)
  11. Yes, but most toss... I mean, people with personalised plates, usually incorporate the model of their vehicle into it.
  12. .....................
  13. we are all like brothers we got to look after each other :)
  14. Really :shock: :p
  15. I pulled over the other day and offered to pillion a guy to the servo. His response? "Nah mate, I'll just push it as a punishment. Should remind me not to be so faarken stupid next time".

    Kind of funny :p
  16. i recall having to switch to reserve at an intersection the other day taking of from the lights ...Splutter splutter & car behind me.

    im glad i changed to a new fuel c*ck a few days be4 hand.
  17. Was on my home from Burpengary, on the Bruce Highway. When I came across a Harley Rider broken down under one of the overpasses. I was still on my little old ZZR250, so I pulled over to offer any assistance and/or the use of my phone if he needed to call anyone.

    He just sat there glaring at me. After an awkward moment of silence waiting for an answer he proceeded to abuse me for riding a Japanese Bike.

    I promptly put my phone back in my pocket, put my helmet on, started my bike, turned to him and told him he should check the "made in" stamps on the parts he had lying next to his bike before abusing someone offering help and quickly rode away.

    I'll offer help to anyone, be it bike or car... but now I hesitate if I see a broken down Harley.

    I've also broken down myself once (touch wood) and had someone pull over and offer help as I was pushing the bike. Embarassed I lyed and told them I was fine and proceeded to push the bike some 10Km's home. :oops:
  18. I always wonder if one of the prereqisites of getting a Harley is that you're a c*$khead (my apologies to any decent Harley riders on the forum - if they are any :LOL: )
  19. I always wonder if one of the prereqisites of getting a Harley is that you're a c*$khead (my apologies to any decent Harley riders on the forum - if they are any :LOL: )

    Just kidding!
  20. Not long ago myself and another rider stopped along the kerb to check for directions, and all of a sudden we hear this rumble and a 1%er on a Harley stops and offers assistance, assuming bike problems …