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Thanks Sale Honda

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. On top of the BS about Mrs practically loosing her job this morning, I wheeled the Bandit out of the garage and the rear tyre was flat :shock: :mad:
    F*#k me, a puncture at 2450km :cry:
    I pumped it up and rode to work. Had a look at lunchtime with some thick vehicle wash brew and found the cut. Evidence of an industrial staple!
    Rang John Miller at Sale Honda who always looks after me and he said to bring it around. Didn't need to be taken off the bike, he'll do that :grin:
    It will cost me $35 which is fantastic (isn't it?) and I'll pick it up at 5.00pm :LOL:

    I just want to say thanks to the team at Sale Honda and if any NR is in trouble around these parts, regardless of your brand of steed I'm sure John will be happy to help :)
  2. well considering it's just a normal plug which any tyre shop will do (cars too), $35 is definitely steep for such a job.

    a plug kit itself can be bought for $10 (comes with plugs, glue, tools etc),
    or you can pay someone to do it for about the same price.
  3. yes it's very good to learn how to plug your own tyres
    and how to change them too

    shops charge way too much
  4. I didnt say I couldnt do it.
    I was happy to pay for the service and convienence as I was at work :?
  5. I used to be a tyre fitter and if a bike tyre is anything like a car tyre, which i can imagine it is. The tyre has to be removed from the rim to patch it correctly, in which case a fitting machine is very preferably needed and another machine is definitely needed to then balance the wheel.

    Externally applied "rope seal"(diy ones you get from the shop) are definitely crap and should only be used briefly until the tyre can be fixed properly.
  6. One of the reasons I thought $35 was pretty good :)
    Shop mechanics are charged at $80+ an hour. 20 mins at that rate plus plug makes it about right.
    Factor in having to pull someone off another job and I was happy.

    I dont care if 5 min experts think I got ripped :LOL:
  7. i have run tyres with multiple plugs - but then again, i am pretty bodgy :LOL:
  8. the plugs we use on bike tyres were rulled illegal on cars as they can break free from the tyre if the thre pressure gets to low, this came about after two accidents were found to be caused by tyre repair failure so now a plug with a large head has to be inserted from inside the tyre.......of course the same safety rules were never applied to bikes.
  9. Good news is always good news, $35 is a good price. I dropped in there last week to waste a bit of time and they seemed like an ol' skool kind of shop, always better than the big bike barns. :cool: