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Thanks Mr 'Busa Rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to so thanks to the 'Busa rider who stopped to see if I was ok tonight on the way home.

    I had stopped to adjust my knee armour when he pulled up :) (Calder, just past the ring road merge)

    I keep getting surprised by the values and generosity of the riding community :applause:
  2. Only minor drawback is having to wave them on when I pull over to change the playlist on my ipod :D

    I need a remote... :LOL:
  3. haha thats a good one....

    Nah this guy pulled up and walked up to see if i was ok...... got his bike at Raceway Suzuki... well it had their plate surround anyway.

    I always get a good tingly/happy feeling when riders on the highway pull up and give a wave or just ride close buy..... dunno why though... just makes me feel good to part of something like this riding caper.
  4. I havent been riding that long but it was the first thing I noticed too. When I first got out on the road and other riders were giving me a nod as they rode past I had a big grin on my face. Riding the burbs getting used to my new bike I had little kids sticking there thumb up at me as I went past. Nearly fell off my bike, giving them a wave, I was so shocked.

    It really is a great thing :D
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    It's nice to hear the good stories :grin:

    Unfortunately we live in a negative society so this kind of thing gives you the warm and fuzzies. Wish it would happen more often, not just on the bike.
  6. nice1

    def +1 for that guy.
  7. you don't see this with the harley davison riders (maybe i'm a generalist)
  8. you are right though... I was passes by 2 harleys moments before the 'Busa pulled over. maybey if a had a cruiser style bike it would be different?
  9. Good story, this stuff does make you enjoy the riding experience more, just knowing that your part of a community of enthusiasts. When i sold my 250 and was caging around id still be on the lookout for riders in any need.

    Stopped on the eastern a few months back as i saw a rider pushing his 250rr (ran out of gas...). Thanks to having a jerry can in the back (because the fuel meter on my celica is flakey at best) i was able to help him out. You give, you get back, when i had my stack a rider quickly stopped to assist, take photos, call in ambos etc.
  10. That's because by the time they see you by the side of the road, it's too late to start braking to pull up anywhere near you, and they are too busy mentally preparing for that tricky gentle curve up ahead! :?
    Plus, it's not tough to help people.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Well i was genuinely thankful that someone cared to stop, even if i didn't need help this time.

    Even in the cage I keep an eye out for bikes on the side of the road... all have waved me on so far that i though might need some help.
  12. That's an awesome story. I was so surprised after taking up riding as people actually notice you and can appreciate what your experiencing on your bike and that nod will always bring a huge smile to my face. I'll always appreciate all the great contacts I've met through the riding community here in Canberra.