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Thanks Melcome for the help mate..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NightRider78, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Thanks for the help mate.

  2. I -->saw<-- a few bikes today in the rain, was good to see, i also had sweet and -->sour<-- pork for lunch today
  3. melcome? not malcolm?
  4. Hey KnightRider78,
    Hope things work out for your grandfather, glad to be of assistance with the directions.
  5. LOL. Thanks for helping Mal. NightRider, I hope things get better for your grand dad, mate.
  6. Thanks, my pa is still pretty ill we will just have to see how he go’s. I was going to put Melcolm but my offsider who was sitting next to me said “no its Melcome.” but thanks Mel. Lol. :) On another note, I went onto my full bike licence on Thursday the 16th.
  7. It is a Victorian thing, they pronounce their E's like A's and their A's like E's. So Malcolm would sound like Melcome.

    Had to train the misses to stop pronouncing "Bell" like "Bowel" and going to the "mell" for shopping because no one could understand her :-s
  8. Re: Thanks Melcom for the help mate..

    Just because a person may not be able to spell as well as you Goz, does not give you the write to poke fun at them, it is a form of bullying and I recon this site has rules about this.
    Pointing out that the person has made a spelling mistake is fine, but making a joke about it at someone else’s expense is not on. This kind of behaviour is just childish.
    If you want to make fun of someone don’t do it over the net do it to their face! That way you can give the person the chance to give you a piece of their mind, so please
    just grow up as people like me are sick to death of people who think there being funny at other peoples expense. We are all brothers and sisters on iron steeds in the end, so let’s keep it at that hey. :)
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    Oh htfu mate
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    Oh and it's *hey ;)
  11. Lol beige brigade is here, and where in my post was I bullying, and if u want me to say it to your face, come and see me, I'm not hard to find
  12. No its Malcolm.............................pronounced without the second "L". There are several variants. It's Gaelic, name meaning ‘follower or devotee of the dove’ (St. Columba).

    Malcolm's are generally kind, intelligent, helpful, courageous, and successful. Its also my name so I could be a little bit biased :p

    Oh congrats on your full licence and hope your grandfather gets well.

    If getting lost is your thing then you might be in luck, the Aldi bike sale is coming and im sure youl find some cheap motorbike GPS.
  13. looking forward to getting one as a speed cam alert aswell
  14. I did not say you where bullying I said it’s a form of bullying, I got on the defence because the only reason I put this post up was to say thanks to someone that went out of their way to help me when I asked for it. If you want to contribute something to the post well go right ahead but if you are going to right something that is having a go at someone because they can’t spell 100% well I don’t see the point in it. I am not a sook nor do I need to htfu, it’s just I see this sort of thing going on all the time on the net, and it does not affect me as I am a grown man but when it happens to kids and teenagers it can affect them in ways you would not understand, because you obviously do not have spelling problems. I don’t think I need to come up to Sydney just so you can tell me I can’t spell as I all ready know that. Lol! :)
    Let’s put this to bed now, because we don’t need to have a flaming session over who can spell and who can’t, because we can all see I obviously cant. I hope you have a great weekend Goz and to everyone else as well, and stay safe on the roads.
  15. Come up for a ride sometime anyhow. Everybody's really friendly in person, unlike on here where its best you come with your flame suit on and having had cement in your conrnflakes. Its like two different worlds. Just ask Hornet. :rofl:
  16. If I am in that neck of the woods one day I might just do that mate. The old man it always riding up to N.S.W on one of his many Indians, so hopefully I will go on a ride with him soon now that I have my full licence and can ride the bigger bikes. Also thanks to AznCruiser about informing me about the GPS I will have a look.
  17. Oh yeah, I've got the Aldi GPS, they are great value. There are a few threads on here about them.