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Thanks Mel from Ridetek

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bogus69, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Thanks Mel.

    The license course yesterday was great. I appreciated your teaching style and the relaxed feel you gave the day.

    Anyone looking to do their Ls or license should consider Ridetek.
  2. So I guess congrats are in order! Don't think you'd have put up a thanks if you'd flunked it!
  3. Bogus69 - Good to catch up with you yesterday. Congrats on the licence.
  4. nice work :) now you can start window shopping for 600cc and larger beasts while watching the days tick by, as i find myself doing :wink:
  5. Well done, it seems like the Ridetek success rate for netriders is 100%. I know they give us special attention. Good choice of bike also, will be good to see you out there on a ride soon.
  6. That started 2 weeks into having my current bike ! :eek:

  7. Yeah, it was good to meet you too.
    Careful with your new toy ;)
  8. Hopefully it will be soon. I've been dying to come out on a ride for ages. I just want my 1st one to be beginer friendly.