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Thanks kind rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by voodoo, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. this morning on the M4 sydney bound my zzr250 decided to stop for some unknown reason so i pulled over to try and get it started. wouldnt start for me.
    then some kind rider (not sure what type of bike but it was very nice) pulled over to give me a hand. after the second attempt to start it, it did. thank you so much. altho i feel like a noob as he started it almost straight away i am very thankfull
    just great to see riders looking out for fellow riders

    thanks heaps

  2. aww warm and fuzzies! Thats great :D
  3. Thats good news.

    When we were stopped at the natio the other day after the little get together and waiting for the ute to arrive we had a few riders slow right down and ask if we needed help.

    Even know we didnt need it that time its always good to know that when the shite hits the fan there will be others to help
  4. were all part of the club, no matter what we ride. its another wonderful thing about bikes. just remember that even if you know nothing about bikes and u see someone on the side of the road, stop as you can do so many things for them
    -mobile phone
    -pick up petrol
    -treat injury
    -provide insight/ideas
    -good company that can make a big differance
  5. what was the problem with the bike?
  6. Wouldn't start :wink:

    Sorry, couldn't resist.. :roll: :grin:
  7. yeah its good to see people stop for ya. when my bike broke down last year, no, it doesnt happen often, about 3 bikes went past when i was waiting for RACV 2 stopped and even though they had completely different bikes to me and i didnt need help, it was good to know that riders got eachothers backs. i reckon riders are much more liklely to look out for eachother than drivers
  8. Yeh, i'm one that often gets to the end of a twisty bit, and i just pull over and have a smoke. Lots of riders often stop to check i'm ok. Lol. its great :LOL: