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Thanks Honey

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Motoman, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Hiya,
    Finally received approval to buy a motorcycle! No not finance approval …. wife approval :) Thanks honey - I love you.

    Sending a big shout out to all you fellow newbies and veterans and looking forward to seeing you all on the road on two wheels soon.


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  2. Welcome Motoman, So what sort of bike are you after?
  3. I'm leaning towards a KTM 390/200 Duke. Probably 390 for the extra HP. I dig the styling of the KTM's so i'm sold on looks, but interested to hear rider reviews and their experience with reliability and overall performance.

    I have already purchased my riding gear…so just need my wheels now :)
  4. They are a nice bike, nimble and the 390 surprisingly powerful. There are a couple of people who have them on the forum.
  5. Yeh, they do seem rarer than your Honda's and Kawasaki's so conscience that parts and servicing will probably be more expensive than the other Jap regulars… I've been trawling the web for the Dukes and considering buying second hand rather than brand new to save a bit of $$$. So long as it has a good service history and under 6K then I'm in the money and Honey will be happy too.
  6. Welcome MotomanMotoman to NR. Maybe you can get your Missus into riding as well...
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  7. Welcome. Will you have permission to ride it?
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  8. Hi Motoman from a duke 390 owner. They are a great learner bike. Have 9200ks on mine and nothing has gone wrong. Runs like a dream. Get the 390 as the 200 wont have enough oomph for you. Great in traffic, light and nimble. Great in corners :)!!!!
    Only trouble is now I want to upgrade to the 690 lol....
  9. Howdy and welcome to NR MotomanMotoman . What ever you decide to get, learn lots and stay safe!
  10. Congrats Motoman!
    Make sure not to publish any pictures on facebook where you're riding on your back wheel and you should be fine 8-|
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  11. G'day and welcome to NR, MotomanMotoman.

    What a marvellous idea...
  12. XJ6NXJ6N I know it wasn't a real original thought but MotomanMotoman I would definitely get the missus involved pretty early on and keep that nice lurvin vibe going ;)
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  13. I think it is an excellent idea - implicate the missus into the Way of the Motorcyclist and pave the way for future bike upgrades, farkles and whatnot, perfect. ;-)
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  14. Blimey, this post is nearly 12 hours old and mentions Duke/390/KTM about half a dozen times and GeorgeOGeorgeO hasn't made a comment yet??

    Someone better check up on him............... i'm getting worried.

    Welcome MotomanMotoman
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  15. Just waiting for the right time to make a dramatic entrance!

    Ta-Dah.......(he enters stage RH)
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  16. ^^^ I thought you'd gone all 'Brutale' on us as 390's are so......... yesterday
  17. Funny how Brutale bling has now replaced KTM bling on my eBay Watching list
  18. welcome to NR...
  19. Welcome aboard MotomanMotoman.

    It's good to see you've got a decent start on that crucial motorcycling skill: Spouse Management. Begging and flattery make an excellent platform to begin. As you develop as a rider, you'll find ample oppotunities to learn and develop the more advanced techniques like manipulation, deception, selective truthfulness and creative bookkeeping.
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  20. LOL Agree^^^ hyperspexhyperspex
    Lessons learnt...
    I always do covert shopping runs to MCA, bikebiz etc now and even get somethings delivered to a friend's place to avoid the Spanish Inquisition.
    You should have seen the sneaking when I nearly bought that Aprilia...was like Mission Impossible...:p And if the OH knew what $$$ I have stashed away just for my next bike...OMG... :shock:
    Wait until I turn up from Port for a visit in November on some beautiful sleek new machine...sigh...
    I do like online shopping but they got a bit bolshie at work about spam and I now have to carefully monitor both home and work emails to quickly hide the online purchases ha!
    I found one of those loadable travel credit cards are good for hiding purchases as well...;)
    I would probably get an E minus for spouse wrangling re riding...ha ha ha.
    I even let him drop the bike and kept my big mouth shut (that was sooo hard still have the indentations on my tongue)

    I do sometimes wonder how often a bike gets listed as the other man/women or as the cause of irreconcilable differences in divorce proceedings...:woot:
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