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Thanks Guys - good words, good timing.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mithel, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. I had a bad day Yesterday.

    What happened doesn't matter much, but the short version - I'm in centre lane (freeway) maintaining headway (109) notice guy ducks left from behind between vehicles we are passing and tries to cut in but doesn't make it. Does it again a little further on, not enough safe space between cars for me to drop out of centre. All of a sudden he drops left 2 lanes flicks around and drops in front and slams on brakes. I s**t myself, i had nowhere to go - I sort of slowed and steered between him and the car in the next lane. instead of letting it go and letting karma do it's work i wound back the throttle and shot up and across his boughs with a withering look. i literally brushed across the front of his left mudguard.

    Really been beating myself up over putting myself in danger because i let a drivers actions get under my skin. Even thought maybe if i can't manage my reactions i should hang it up. I live for my ride time, don't know what i would do without it these days.

    Anyway, i was cruising the forum this morning and read Robsalvv's words on the stalking thread (and others) It sort hit the right spot. You are right. Just thought i would say thanks, i got something out of it. - Gotta go rebalance my 'chi.

  2. :)

    Welcome to the <turn on mystic eastern guru strange old guy voice> "way of the bike".

    keep ya cool bro, that's the way to go.

    Glad you're here to share the story.

    Thanks for the mention. :)
  3. That's the best thing I've read all morning, good on you mate :applause:
  4. You should be pleased enough you had the skillz to pay the billz... or in this case 'stay alive'.

    Anger and frustration at someone else's incompetence, stupidity and selfishness is natural.
    When their incompetence, stupidity and selfishness threatens your life - to be angry and frustrated is a right.

    If you scratched his car, I'd say your chi is already balanced juuuust fine :)
  5. Don't worry guys and gals...I can't remember when I was younger getting angry when my life was threatened by a nob...but as I get older I seem to arc up more often.
    But I can't remember as many bad drivers when I was younger either!?
    Rant follows:
    My pet hate is those (mainly female) that pull out of car park driveways, across a 2 lane dual carriageway (and side streets), but then slow, because there is still traffic coming from their left and that have to give way to it. Meanwhile you have to brake to avoid hitting them because they have slowed in front of you.
    F!!!!.They are suppose to give way to alll traffic BEFORE entering the intersection, not halfway thru.
    I must admit I sometime think of tboning them, but always chicken out because it's going to hurt me more.
  6. uh oh......

    :eek:hno: :popcorn:

  7. Well done for keeping it upright, Mithel. Don't give it all up if it's what you love. Things happen. At least you've learned something.