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Thanks Grandma

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tiggers, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. For making me almost shite myself this morning.

    Commute to work, approaching a set of lights that I turn left at, theres' two lanes and I'm in the left hand lane, Grandma is in the right hand lane a little ahead of me with her right hand indicator on.

    She's braking, nothing in my lane so I start riding past her and get in line with her passanger window when she decides, without looking, to move into my lane. I Hit the brakes and come to a stop and off she goes round the left hand turn with her right hand indicator on.

    Along side her at the next set of lights heading in to north sydney and considered letting her know that my clean under wear may now be slightly soiled...but the look of utter terror on her face and the steering wheel death grip with white knuckles she might have been suffering enough.

    Lesson for the morning - don't assume anything
  2. Her husband took it into his hands to sort me out this morning whilst I was filtering past his right. I was wholly within the lane and the lane was pretty wide. I almost stopped to have the "have you really though through what you are doing" conversation with him.
  3. is it national grandparents take your car out for its annual run day?

  4. You and NiteKreeps' been scaring lil old ladys in their cage :)
  5. Yeah well she started it!
  6. Haha is there more to this story your not telling us?
  7. I sometimes wonder about these sort of incidents and whether some sort of report should be made in the off chance that the driver requires re-testing. Bearing in mind that this sort of action may tend to discrimminate against older drivers, which would not be a good thing in my opinion...

    (Obviously there are poor drivers out there of all ages)
  8. I wouldn't call it Discrimination. Old age, decrepitude and death are inevitable. Nothing discriminatory about wondering whether Nana's still got all her marbles. The Near-Dead don't deserve any special treatment just for not having carked it already. :p
  9. You mean squids?
  10. Near-dead = one foot in the grave = Nana & Pops

    Squid = Donor ;)
  11. John, you can lodge it to police and describe what happened. Depending on how bad it is or if you're fairly convincing they can deem the person needs to be tested.

    Usually only happens if they see the person being this bad, though it can't hurt to try anyway. I've done it before on an old lady who cut me off without looking. The horn alerted her to my presence however when I went passed she decided I was the nutjob and gave me the finger. I didn't hesitate reporting her.
  12. Do you guys have grandmothers?

    And personally, my grandmother, is such a gentle soul, that would be personally very upset if she thought she had nearly hurt someone by her actions.

    Show some fekking respect, make room for their inadvertent mishaps, and let them drive for as long as they physically can, because in many cases, they would otherwise be housebound and lose their zest for life.

    You wanna have a go, then wait for the bogan that just doesn't give a SH*t about you, and will drive with a "Fark you" attitude, because no-one has bothered to adjust it for him yet.

    THAT idiot is your enemy...not some little old lady that got a bit confused or lost here bearings, or who got a bit flustered, and didn't see you. SHE, deserves your patience, discretion, and allowances.

    THIS SH*T "The Near-Dead don't deserve any special treatment just for not having carked it already"
    is totally unacceptable, mate. You need an attitude adjustment whether you said it to be funny or were serious! Fecking idiot!
    I hope when you're 80 yrs old, you meet up with the younger version of yourself!
  13. Oh stop picking on grandmas!!!!!

    I mean really, tell me you've never seen a taxi do that crap?

    Agree with Raven, make room for everyone out and ride like you're not there in the first place.
    No one can see you remember...
  14. OK guys, a couple of points.

    Firstly, the above posts are pretty balanced. In fact the OP was nice the Grandma in the end. So no-one is picking on Grandma.

    Secondly, someone's mental well being does not justify the death of another road user. If someone is incapable of operating a motor vehicle in a safe manor then they do not deserve to be driving. There are plenty of community services out there for old people, including buses. Public transport is available and cheap for the elderly and those that can't afford that get special attention from welfare.

    So, yeah a little bit of leeway should be given, but if peoples lives are being put at risk then a line needs to be drawn in the sand.
  15. Nobody is questioning anyone's morals, and I suspect the nanna in the OP would've been mortified to know she'd hurt someone if it happened.
    But does that mean she has the right to keep on driving until it happens?
    The fact is, there are elderly drivers out there who should NOT be on the roads for reasons of failing eyesight, hearing, and plain old mental capacity.
    And all the patience, discretion and allowances in the world won't change that.
  16. Show me where I said anyone should be allowed to drive when they can't...
    ......mmm....Is that the sound of crickets I hear?....

    Secondly, my offense is at the contempt held for older people in this passage of text...

    "The Near-Dead don't deserve any special treatment just for not having carked it already"

    If you find THAT! language is acceptable to you... (which seems to be the case because since all of your replies bar one, indicate that it is more important to focus your replies on ME!), then you aren't really all that good of a person, as far as I am concerned.

    As for trains, trams, buses or taxi's...sorry, but you really need to reaches that idea from your or someone elses grand persons perspective.
    The public transport card you pulled is only fitting in a smaller number of cases, and doesn't fly.

    If you'd like to try it out, break your left leg and use public transport exclusively for a year...and just hope that you live near one of the stops. Crutching it for a k or so. Give yourself a little insight, which you all seem to need when it comes to our older folk.

    Still waiting for someone to show me where I said anyone should be allowed to drive when they can't...???
  17. I deliberately ignored "those" posts, because they detract from the point i'm trying to make- frankly, I disagree with the sentiment that being "old" is a reason in itself to stop a person from driving.
    But that doesn't make an excuse for you to claim that it's a "right" for your nanna to occupy the same roads as me, in whatever diminished capacity she may be able to muster - maybe if she WAS banned, we wouldn't have the ridiculous speed limits imposed on us due to the "lowest common denominator" factor?
    Have your cake, or eat it: yours is the choice...
  18. I think this qualifies,

    make room for their inadvertent mishaps
  19. I ride a bike, every day - I already make allowances for everyone else on the road!
    Why should I make extra allowances for someone who obviously shouldn't be there?
  20. Nobody asked you to make extra allowances for anyone, but since YOU say you already do for others, what skin is it iff your nose to include someone that is probably more deserving.
    By your posturing, you're either a young idiot who thinks everyone should be on their toes because YOU are there, or an old idiot who's failed to mature with the right kind of values in life.

    You'll make allowances for what!? taxi's, businessmen, soccer mums not paying attention, but ( boo hoo) you don't or won't for somones grandmother, who also happens to be somones Mum.
    Tell me, how would you have me or others treat your mother or grandmother?
    With same contempt as you perhaps?

    You're a waste of air...give us a yell when you get over yourself.