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Thanks Geoff @ Jeffrey Honda Ferntree Gully

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Big thanks to Geoff Bull at FG Honda for making the changeover from VFR800 to the newish Vstrom.

    Walked in after looking at Suzuki Franga, PS Dandy (where I was ignored). Not to many 2nd hand Stroms about. There was one at FG but it was out on a test ride. no worries says Geoff, I'll make sure it's in Tues am.
    Good ride, sorted details and he gave a good value on the Viffer, which at 73k has seen a lot of road (although not a penny to spend on it, blinged up totally already)
    because I live in Mt Martha, I was able to get the bike sorted for taking away within an hour or two.

    Highly recommend Geoff, knows his stuff.
    Ps was an ex demo with 3500 on the clock. 2011 model, orange.
    Am returning for a top box soonish.



    I'm going to have to change my screen name now as I traded the bike with the CFVFR plate! Maybe CSTRM?
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  2. why the change ? ride position?
  3. Many reason goodie, the VFR was and is an awesome bike. Bought it 4 years ago with 17 k on it and was bog standard. Put a heap of bits on it including pc 111 and carbon Leo Vince cans. Did 2 track days, took her to Tassie and up to the snows 4 times.

    After coming back from this years Snowy Ride I decided to change, resins being,
    1 partly ride position. Wrists playing up.
    2 economy. 4 versus 2 cylinders
    3 am taking Lachie my 8 year old on the bike now and the Strom is much more pillion friendly. Not such strong engine braking, firm ride
    4 want to be able to do some off road, dirt tracks
    5 wanting a bike that can be fun at legal speeds

    That pretty much sums up the reasons for me.
    I've had the GSXR,S VTR 1000' etc. Such a major change but this bike you feel like you could go on forever. You can see over cars roofs and the ride position is actually quite fun.

    There you go, may even get onto Far riders if I am crazy enough!