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Thanks for the wheelie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiggers, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Thanks to the guy who did the wheelie across the traffic lights near Canberra Airport at about 5pm last night.

    After 9 back to back meetings I was feeling the pretty drained - your wheelie was the best part of an otherwise mind numbing day.

    why are wheelie's so dam cool?

    Is it coz I can't do them?
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  2. And it takes real skill to do them well.
  3. Anonymous wheelie artist, we salute you.
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  4. This one was a beaut, almost vertical.
  5. I am actually pleasantly surprised. This thread has been up for nearly 50 minutes and not one beige person has posted telling us how naughty the anonymous wheelier was.

    Please top it of for me by telling me he WASN'T wearing all the gear. You'll make a middle aged disillusioned motorcyclist happy.
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  6. its fcuktards like that that give us a bad name. there you go
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  7. thankyou, even though I strongly suspect you are being sarcastic, my faith in Nerdriders Notriders um netriders has been restored.

    Now do you want the half hour argument or the 5 minute argument?
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  8. Wait for it... We'll get some one on here linking us to the law that bans wheelies, then a link to TAC study on wheelies and lastly a link to an insurance PDS which states wheelies void your insurance... :banghead:
  9. It's been more than an hour and other than Greg's half arse attempt, nothing.
  10. did he nod? which glove did he put on first and most important,,, was he hot?
  11. Takes time to research these things
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  12. i am sure justus can paste a few hundred words that are dangerous
    to read if operating heavy machinery
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  13. Maybe someone took a photo of it.
  14. Just for you Mick - jeans, t-shirt and a helmet.
  15. I know your lying, but thanks.
  16. But did he nod ? that is the real question ;)
  17. I've just realised. We've some how managed to scare the beige away from this thread.

    Now we just need to work out how.

    In the past calling them rude name didn't do anything except get me banned.
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  18. Did the helmet visor have an AS sticker on it? It's dangerous to do wheelies without an AS sticker. :finger:
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  19. But 4 times as dangerous for 32% of 3rd generation or greater Australians if the sticker is a fake, or from a different helmet.