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Thanks for the R1 wheelie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seedy, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Just on the off chance that you are a Netrider user, I'd like to thank the rider of the gorgeous black and gold R1 that pulled the most magnificent wheelie starting outside Dan Murphy in Bell Street Preston just before 10 this morning.

    Even looked across and nodded mid-wheelie as I waited to pull out of the side street, and they were still on the back wheel as they went up over the hill. I rode to work smiling. Legendary! I just wish I could get the thing up off the ground.

    So if you are reading this, you have made at least one person very happy today. :)
  2. I heart wheelies.
  3. I definitely hearted this one. Didn't even seem to be speeding, but that just made it look all the more cool. Kinda like a Matrix slow-mo action zoom.
  4. Sounds like the bugger knew what he was doing then. Up near balance was he?
  5. Not quite the Casey Stoner show, but getting there... and yeah, they sure as shit looked like they knew how to handle a bike.
  6. gotta love an r1 skyward eh! :D
  7. Black and Gold R1 ... Nickers were you airborne?????
  8. Couldn't have been Nickers, somehow don't thing 800kph+ would seem slow...:p
  9. So, in another post all the guys are wondering about why cops are targeting motorcyclists in victoria and here people are on about how great it is that guys are doing it on the street, no doubt giving the cops a reason to target motorcyclists in Victoria.

    I know I won't be popular for this, and I honestly don't care, but you guys bring this shit on yourselves. Ever wondered why cops target motorcyclists? This is why...
  10. This is not the total reason the cops target motorcyclists but it doesnt help.
    Personally i think that guy is a wanker doing wheelies in suburbia.Time and place for everything dont get me wrong i am certainly no angel and do push things sometimes especially in the hills,but you wont catch ne doing stupid speeds in a straight line or doing big wheelies or burnouts.
  11. Wheelies are a thing of beauty.

    Quit yer bitchin'.

    The bloke is a legend.

    Nodding mid wheelie. What a legend.
  12. You're right, I don't care .. you're opinion means nothing to me!
  13. Seedy, you make it sound better than sex!

    Time: ~10am (i.e. daylight, after peak hour rush)
    Place: Bell St Preston (i.e. three lanes in each direction with median strip)

    There's no reason to believe this wasn't the time and place for a wheelie. And in my opinion, as someone who also pushes things in the hills, that on average is far more dangerous than your average wheelie or burnout. Yet I can be in full compliance with the road laws for the former, and get my motorcycle automatically impounded for the latter.
  14. I agree. Nice work Mr R1 rider.

    Where can we do our wheelies?

    I love pulling a nice Mono whenever an appropriate time or place calls. And I'm a crap monoer, Nodding mid mono is Vary Narse!
  15. Don't worry you will get flamed, I suggested the other day that whilst you can claim "loud pipes save lives" it definitely results in a situation that annoys Joe Public who whinge at the police. Same issue.
  16. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Fixed it for ya. Piss funny too, this should be in Jokes.
  17. You're not even close MuffinMan. Surely the dead horse you're trying to ride into town is dead pardner, but flog away if it feels good.

    A guy pops up a wheelie in Preston so the pigs flood Yea and pull over EVERYONE looking for him?

    "Scuse me rider, did you do a wheelie in Bell Street recently?"

    Even the cops aren't that stoopid. Surely?
  18. No it goes......

    Guy pops wheelie in Preston

    Grandma sees it and rings their local state member of parliament.

    Member of parliament tells minister for roads that the public are sick of hoons on bikes.

    Minister tells the police commissioner to do something about hoons

    Police commissioner organises a "blitz" where all motorcyclists are pulled over.

    Of course the old grandma can be also complaining about loud exhausts, you live in a dream world Chef if you don't think this is what happens.

    There is a time and place for these things, when no Joe Public is around to dob us in to their member of parliament, main street is not one of these places. Do it at night at least so there is no one around.
  19. I thought it went......

    Guy pops wheelie in Preston

    Grandma sees it and rings their local rider training centre.

    Grandma says to instructor, "that looked like fun, teach me how to ride".

    And they all live happily ever after
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  20. Girls please....Does every thread have to result in bitching about the right and wrongs of the world...or is it the green eyed monster getting loose because Mr R1 pulled a nod mid mono....