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thanks for the nod ;)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BalmyBrowny, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. I know the whole to nod or not to nod debate has raged on here before so
    im not gonna start that one again ;) but jsut wanted to say thanks to all the riders that nodded to me on my ride to my game tonight :)

    on my way from morningside to ipswich showgrounds there were about 15 - 20 riders goin other way that i saw.. nodded to all of em and only 2 didnt!! great ratio... and just made me feel good when i finished my ride knowing that other people had a good enough day to say hi back :D

    oh that and i had a great ride home... nailed a fave twisty bit on the way home (chicane) :cool:
  2. Hehe I wasn't so fortunate. I ride 5 days now (every day/night) and rode past several riders. Daytime I nod, night time I flash highbeam (ok can be interpreted as "cops ahead") but not one nod or flash back!

    Hell, even one cager next to me noded at me first at the lights, and not one rider did. I can't help feeling disliked by my new family haha :p
  3. I always nod when I can but I've never felt that coming unstuck for the sake of a nod was a good look!
  4. As well as the nods, i get woman smiling to me at lights?!?! Should i have cause for concern because it has to be one of three things:

    A) They're smiling because they're hapy to see a woman getting out there and burning rubber with the best of them
    8) Think im a crazy woman for getting out there and burning rubber with the best of them
    C) Think im a bloke (which of course chicks dig guys who ride ) ...now if it's C then im going to need to start riding in my stillettos or something to show my feminine side. Yikes!!!
  5. h ehe he he panthus..... wear pink leathers ;)

    thanks for the nod stalker ;)

    come up to brissy romus.. i'll nod back :D
  6. Leather & stiletto's & you'll be the pied piper of the gay community!
  7. HAHA this is only going to INCREASE the number of woman smiling at me i'm thinking
  8. its always nice to have attention... does it matter thats its from girls????? b ha ha ha ha ha
  9. Panthus: Mod your bike a little.

    ricecooker had an ER-5 with bright pink on the wheel rims, and has a sticker on the back of her helmet which says "biatch inside".

    Maybe that'll help!

    :LOL: :p
  10. A, B, & C!!
    ive even had a girl wink at me!! and its obvious im not a bloke! offererd her my sister in melbournes number although she currently has a girlfriend.. :LOL: :LOL:
  11. HAHA Thank goodness it's not just me then!!!

    i would have thought my blonde hair flapping out the back and my slim build would have said i wasn't a guy either.

    So i need -
    1 pair of stillettos
    Pink Leathers
    Pink Rims
    Sticker stating "biatch inside"
    and a few lesbians phone numbers handy.

    Im writting this down....
  12. I can give you that last. My best friend is lesbian. She's taken though. :p
  13. :LOL: you girls are cracking me up.

    Most comments or looks I get from other woman who dont ride are ...

    A: Good on you, wish I had the guts to do that
    B: Your bloody crazy

    Though did get a very dirty look from some bird other week in town. No idea what that was all about.

    As for nodding while riding, Im with LadyYamaha, saftey first.
  14. I was riding in the city one friday night when a group of girls out for a hens night went past in a bus, checking me out the classy, yet very drunk bride-to-be decided to flash her tits. Needless to say when I pulled my lid off they all looked very sheepish :LOL: :shock:
    So now, occassionally, i like to wear heels just to remind every1 that I'm a girl. :grin:
  15. All the pink doesn't help...

    Was at a servo in summer, with the ER-5 with hot pink on the rims, the pink on my helmet and wearing my hot pink summer jacket... little old lady pops up in front of me and asks "are you a male or female?" :LOL: So much for wearing pink so that people would know I am a girl.

    With nodding, I have received about as many nods since I've been on the Ninja (2 weeks) as I did in the 8 months I was on the ER-5. I always nod or wave if it is safe to do so.
  16. :shock: :rofl:

    Shame there's so much in the way, otherwise it'd be tempting for me to flash some of the guys around here.

    These "My car is the best" types who give me "the stare" before I give their car a spanking (yes, even my crappy little bike can beat most of these modded cars) always seem to me to think I'm male. I'll bet a flashing would have them thinking twice. :LOL:
  17. So you mean i should be riding topless as well??... what did i do with that list, i need to add that :wink:
  18. LOL do what I do in summer. Wear all the gear but a nice tight white tshirt usually does the trick. When coming into town or only if we stopping in town, unzip the jacket some, theres enough bloody cleveage I carry around, they soon get a good eye full.

    By the time your sitting on the damn speed limit of 50 or even 40 in some towns, your bloody cooking anyway in summer.
  19. Oh what i would do for some cleveage!!...perhaps that's where i'm going wrong??

    Sorry for hijacking the thread to talking about my cleavage. All my convos seem to end up back at my cleveage! Bad habit of mine :LOL: