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Thanks for the extras, but...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. ... what about the parts I paid for?!

    Had my bike serviced and a new rear hoop fitted on Wednesday, and paid $35 extra for a right-angled valve to be installed while they were at it.
    Today was wash-day and my fortnightly once-over, and I've noticed 3 things:

    1. My alarm is not working at all - I suspect it's been disconnected, despite me explaining how to temporarily disable it. Nice of you to mention that...

    2. I've gained a pair of pickup spools! They look cheap-arse, but they weren't there before...

    3. I'm out $35, because there's no right-angled valve! This one really burns my burrito because I specifically asked for it, was warned it's "expensive", and agreed to pay. And because they'd need to remove the tyre again to fit it.

    I'll be calling them tomorrow I s'pose, and may name and shame depending on their reaction to my polite conversation...

    AND ANOTHER THING! Since I'm venting anyway...

    I've just been cruising the local area post-wash, as is my habit - I like to get it nice and warm to steam off any water I can't reach...
    Stupid fucking piece of shit driver in front tricks me with a right-indicator/left-turn combo, almost squeezing me into the gutter!
    Cue tourettes mode and much finger pointing - it must have been close, because I didn't even have time to think about kicking his door ;)

    Hmmm, everything's gone wrong lately, and it can't possibly be everyone else's problem...
  2. I'm now over the near miss, and have racked it up to a "not much I could've done" episode, since the cheeky bugger even moved right before turning left...
    And the alarm's working again, and I've reconnected the charging harness I so-carefully installed too.
  3. the apprentice did it, and the rest of them chat with the girl apprentice all day giggling.

    I waited for the recall, they ordered the part in, said they would call me. 7 weeks later, the dick tries to tell me I might not need it, well, while I am here check my VIN, I say. He checks, and lo and behold, the part is on their shelf with my name on it, all the while the apprentices are giggling in the workshop as they 'work'.

    Go to Scotts, or MSRC at Blakehurst - better.
  4. You absolutely know where it was done, don't you? I actually witnessed said chatting up-of female mech while I was waiting, and wondered if she was the apprentice.
    Nice hair, but - I'd probably have a go too...

    I've also decided to just ride the thing in there tomorrow arvo after work for a chat...
  5. Yeah, I can relate. Not the valve you paid for but the Sunday driver. I just had a 40 second 600m run-in with the same moron. Went slow, dribbled left so I went right - and propped because he dribbled right. Then he changed lanes so I went to pass and he changed his mind and came back. Then he went to go straight where I went left, but as I began to accelerate, he decided to go left after all. Then he indicated he was going to turn right into a servic station, waffled right, then waffled back to the left. Then he indicated he was going to turn back into the shopping centre he just drove out of, but as I drew alongside he change his mind again. Then he stopped at a pedestrian crossing when there no pedestrians. Then he waffled right, then he waffled left, indicated left, and stopped. So at walking pace I went to go past and he commenced a U-turn.

    "What the phark are you doing?!"

    Shock - stunned disbelief. Oh, there's a motorcycle there! Where did he come from? Is he swearing at me?
  6. That's just not good enough for service. It's like when I went to get my last rear tyre change. Wash the bike same day and notice they've scratched the pipe. Looks like a dropped tool from the angle. How hard is it to throw an old blanket over the pipe? Lazy. Never going back.
  7. I bet they refund the money as opposed to take the tire back off lol
  8. Which shop??? Just so I know not to send my bike there.

  9. This very situation I thank god we dont carry guns.. Your patience is well noted and I 'nod' n even tip my hat to you for not showing the driver the oil radiator of his car thru the grille!!
  10. I called from work this morning and although they were keen to make amends for the missing valve, they kinda insisted I bring the bike back in so they could fit it rather than a refund. It's holding pressure just fine now so I don't see the point, especially since I've also noticed paint missing from the rims where the levers were slid around the bead... (OK so I accept the factory wheel paint is craptacular to begin with...)

    When I mentioned the alarm wasn't reconnected, it was basically dismissed as "my problem".

    At this stage I won't name them, but I won't be returning - I think the pickup spools they left on, and the reassurance they will never touch my bike again is worth the $35. Happy to pass details on via PM however, if you're around the St George area of Sydney...

    Also happy to recommend Scott's at Arncliffe; I'll be heading back there next time, seeing there's not a Suzuki recall involved...
  11. ooo see, being a whinging pom this would be right up my street! I'd so go at them for the $35 and a written letter of apology. But then I like to complain now and then and when I do it I really go for it lol :D

    I would defo name and shame too. I know I wouldn't want to take my bike anywhere like that really.
  12. I've said it on this forum several times before people and it looks like I need to say it again. Bike mechanics are for the most part, wonderful people. However, nobody is perfect. Communication between the desk and workshop can be less than adequate at times, sometimes mechanics get tired or have their mind on other things just like the rest of us or they might just have a rare forgetful moment in a busy day.

    For whatever reason, mistakes do sometimes happen. So what is the golden ruke when you pick up your bike?

    Answer: Always check the work done and make sure everything's ok before you ride away. Make sure all jobs are done and that there are no loose nuts and bolts (especially true of the rear axl and chain tentioning nuts after the rear wheel comes off).

    Repeat after me kids..... "Check the bike before you ride it away!" :)
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  13. G'day everyone,...



    If anyone ever needs to touch any vehical of mine, I always cheak it, Its amaizing what you can find left undone or just plain NOT done.

    Dr Who?