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Thanks for stopping, Guy on the green Ninja.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. I was running extremely late this morning (sick child no sleep) and stopped off at the bottom of the high street entrance to the Monash freeway to make a call to work.
    A very kind rider on a Green Ninja (probably a zx9 by the way he took off) stopped to maybe render assistance but I waved him off.
    I wasn't being rude just appreciative and letting you know all was fine.
    Your Gesture was very appreciated and these little moments are what make motorcycling fantastic.
    So if you are reading this Ninja guy thank you. I do see you regularly splitting through traffic on a morning on the monash.

  2. Hmmm

    Same sorta thing happened the other day to me, was crusing along, got to the lights outside the Elwick race track, idling away and then she dies, try to start her up but damn f;at battery, pull off to the side of the road and while I call my work mates to bring the ute to load her on, 5 bikers go past the only one that stopped to see iof everything was ok was... A cop, thanx mate :)
  3. Simply not on!

    People you should not now, not ever... not ever ever ever...

    be stopping for Smee! :p
  4. I pulled into an emergency lane on Ipswich Rd several weeks ago to take my sunnies off.... 4 out of the 5 bikes that went past slowed down to see if I was ok :)
  5. When my bike wouldnt start after training one night, had to push 2 km to my instructors house. A bloke on a gpx slowed down beside us and asked if we needed a hand, said we were fine, then had a chat about whos bike it was and how long ive had it while beads of sweat and breaths of exhaustion corrupted the conversation :p Thought we'd make a race about how quickly we could get it back to my instructors house hehe.
  6. Re: Hmmm

    Expect a ticket in the mail for obstructing traffic :p
  7. No worries. Didnt know it was you Smee. :)

  8. :shock:
    Mg .
    That doesn't look like your pushie [-X
  9. Haha nice try MG
    Older model than that it was.
    Stainless pipe.
  10. Well it is Kate!

    Sorry. Posted pic of the wrong bike. :p

    Photo: 98 model
  11. hehehe thats more like the model but it didn't have the big ninja writing on it
    different pipe as well.
  12. :LOL:

    Guess it must've been someone else then Smee. :oops:
  13. did that last w/end stopped to help a rider on the side of the road. silly me pulled over took gear off b4 asking if he needed help. all was cool just havin a rest. i feel such a noob