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Thanks for stopping after my spill (Kangaroo Ground)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jack_1313, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Thanks to the rider who stopped yesterday to make sure me and my bike were ok after I dropped it at a round about it in Kangaroo Ground area. I was running wide on the turn and, in that split second, panicked a bit and decided to straighten and brake instead of leaning/counter steering sharper, causing me to have a low-speed encounter with the curb. The biker behind me stopped immediately and waited to make sure I could start the bike up without problems. Cheers!

    No damage was done to me, my gear or the bike due to the low speed, the lack of traffic and the fact that it fell on to the top of the curb, which was dirt.
  2. Good to hear you ok after that scare. I've nearly come off like that before, it's hard/fast way to learn.
  3. Good that you are OK - And cool of the other rider to stop and help (y)

    Did you fixate on the kerb during the turn?

    Sometimes I find that I have to fight my eyes and mind to avoid target fixation. It sort of goes like this...

    "Oh huge pothole in the road ahead,

    don't hit it,

    don't hit ... look up the road,

    don't h... look up the road and pick a new line,

    look up the road and take new line".

    I'm sure more experienced riders don't even get the target fixation stuff as often as I seem to - hopefully it will diminish with experience.

    Keep safe

    Fun Ha!
  4. Yeah theres a killer pothole on a roundabout near me, and since i do a 180 around it pretty regularly, i have to negotiate it each time. The roundabout is paint so going over it is a nono, so i take the whole roundabout wide to pick the line to avoid it.

    Good to hear all is a-ok ;).
  5. I was definitely looking through the corner correctly at least up until the point when I straightened up and hit the brakes. I think the main problem was a quick, poor decision. I saw that I was going wide and would hit the curb, so I decided to try to minimize the effect of the impact instead of trying to avoid it (and potentially hitting it at a higher speed). However, I could still have made the turn without too much trouble if I'd committed to it. After the stack I went back and took the turn again at about the same speed without a problem.

    As far as I can tell, there were two errors that I made which led to the bike being horizontal. The first was resigning to hitting the curb instead of leaning more aggressively. The second was, having done that, not braking harder. I'm not sure, but it might have been possible to stop before hitting it (though it would have left my life in the hands of anyone behind me).

    Of course, the worst decision would have been to continue exactly along the path I was going.
  6. You got bitten by classic SR. but very good to see you come up with the right answer of how to fix you error. :)

    Sr's deminish as experience grows for sure-but they never quite disappear.
  7. Keh? :-s
    KEH!? :-s


    Slow riding? Sissy ridges? Sassy redheads?
  8. SR=survival reaction,

    ie going for a fist full of brake and focusing on the object you really don't want too hit, instead of just looking further into the turn (across the apex), relax your arms and push on the inside bar drop your inside shoulder into the turn and he probably would of made it

    bugger about the off mate
  9. good all is okay and i'm really impressed you went n did it again! good thinking
  10. Thanks.
    And why can't we ride over painted roundabouts?
  11. very slippery for cycles, same as center lines and so on
  12. and its more fun to go round them

    and its illegal

    and he does the 180