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Thanks for my dislocated shoulder, tram track!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tomohawk, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. I had my first off today. I saw all the weather warnings during the day via the Age so I planned to leave my bike in the underground parking at work in Hartwell and get the train home. Until the tree came down on the Alamein line and cancelled the trains. So i decided to ride home to Abbotsford, but avoid the M1, hoping to get home before the rain.

    Unfortunately, as I left the rain hit. Was doing fine until coming out of Cotham Rd onto High St in Kew.... was in the tram tracks and needed to get across so as not to end up in the tram stop.... front wheel went over the tram track.... and slid out.

    Fortunately I was only going 30km'h, but I hit the road hard on my shoulder which popped out of place. Fortunately I didn't hit my head (so the lid doesn't need replacing), and fortunately I didn't slide to any significant degree because it was the ONE time I didn't wear my draggins on my way to work!

    Did any of the cars, or the tram behind me stop and help? Nope. The tram just get gonging at me to get out of the way..... while I was lying on my back on the road with my bike lying metres from me!

    Fortunately a number of pedestrians stopped and helped, and two young ladies called an ambulance to check me out. Overall the bike did alright, (though as it's only 2 weeks old it is a bit depressing... fully insured at least).

    Big dent/smash to the front of the tacho, ground the tip of the brake lever, cracked the front mudguard, scratched the right peg, bent the rear brake lever totally out of position, and scratched all along the exhaust pipe.....

    Oh well. It'll get fixed.

    And my shoulder will heal, but right now it hurts like a biatch!

    Anyone else got similar stories to tell so i feel like less of a goose?
  2. that sux..

    I rode to and from work today without drama thankfully... but did take it really easy on the way home..
    lots of pine cones, fallen branches and oblivious cage drivers..

    I reckon it should be law for cagers to have their lights on when it rains...
  3. Sorry to hear dude, i have yet to get my bike yet, and do not fully comprehend how tram tracks can be such a problem, but i have been reading a lot of threads on here lately and know for sure you are not alone, i guess its something you have to experience for yourself to understand.,... sorry to hear you came off today mate especially so soon after getting your bike, the weather was really bad, at least your okay! :cool:
  4. At least you got full insurance. Still the excess and bad shoulder :cry:
  5. Sorry to hear that mate ...
    Cannot believe that fcuking tram driver :twisted:
    Bet he was ***** ( ok no racial comments but FFS #### )
  6. Tram tracks are'nt a problem until you hit one just at the wrong angle of the dangle...then you're on the road before you know what's hit you...as you descovered. :(
    It happens to a lot of us, so don't feel too much like a goose, mate. :)

    Now...the important thing...did you pop your shoulder back into place in the middle of the road, and then pop the tram driver in the gob!?
  7. I left work just as the rain hit but made it home in record time!
    All the cops were way too busy with all the traffic lights not working, so I sat at way over 100 the whole way. :LOL:
    Still got fcukin soaked though :(
  8. I'd believe it, going by the number of times I've seen those slow-moving, impassable roadblocks "ding" the f*** out of all kinds of people whether they deserve it or not... :-s

    Sorry to hear about your stack.
  9. Only partially dislocated fortunately so as i got pulled off the road it popped back. Shame i didn't get to deck the tram driver... Oh well!
    My bike is still on the footpath there.... I'm antsy about it... i just KNOW it's not going to be there tomorrow afternoon when my mate comes to ride it home for me. My shoulder is in no shape to ride it now.

    If anyone wants to come out to Kew tonight, be my guest ;) (I'll take your first born child as danger money, as you'd have my baby between your legs.... and my my didn't that go somewhere it didn't need to)
  10. that sux butt mate!
    atleast your relatively ok.and well done saving your skull bucket.
    i once ran up the ar$e end of a ute because i was perving on a girl and not watching the road :roll: .landed hard on my left shoulder and buggered it good.it didnt dislocate but the screaming sharp pain was unreal.that was 10 years ago and to this day i have limited movement and the occasional ache.hopefully you will fair better.

    *hey didnt you just get that bike recently?
  11. Not being form Melbourne and reading NR, tram tracks scare the crap out of me. As I intend going to Melbourne in the near future I intend to avoid them like the plague if possible.
    So my question is, why were you in the tram tracks and are there times where they can't be avoided?
    Glad to hear you and the bike came out of it without major damage.
  12. Yeah, plenty of times they can't be avoided. Only a very small amount of the tram network is separated from the road traffic here. On most roads the left lane is full of cars which depending on how they are parked means that not even a bike can get past them safely. The right hand lane is the tram fairway so if youre on a bike you either have about 40cm of the lane to ride in if you dont want to touch a tram track, otherwise, you have to cross over to ride between the tracks.

    In the dry they're fine. In the wet, they can be dangerous (as I discovered).

    I was in the tracks because turning from the lane on Cotham Rd that I was in directly takes you into the lane on High St with the tram tracks.

    Many Right turn lanes are on tram tracks (though not in the CBD, where you find hook turns)

    And Interloper, yeah, the bike is 2 weeks old! ><
  13. Wut?!

    Hook turns don't exist!

  14. whaaat?
  15. Doh, just move across them quickly and positively and you're fine. Tomo cocked up, like many of us do, and found the quickest way to park your bike. I've come close, but no cigar as yet.

    Glad to hear you're okay mate! I've dislocated my shoulder before - fcuking strange sensation to have it pop out, roll around and slide back in. Doesn't hurt so much as wig you out a bit.
  16. Like hell it doesn't hurt. I couldn't sleep for 2 days after I did mine. After 10+ times it doesn't hurt anymore though.
  17. Yeah? I did mine twice, once at Ju-Jitsu (falling badly) and wresting with the ex (Long Story) Both times it didn't hurt too much at the time, but the pain got a little worse as it went on.

    Maybe i dislocated my shoulder constantly as a kid or something, dunno.

  18. dude, your not Martin Griggs !
    It was only a movie !
  19. What a F%#*@ C#%&@#& *&#^&$#& $#$#$!!!

    Serious people are so selfish and GRUMPY! who doesn't help someone in a accident!!! You think you're going to get home faster if you /don't/ help them? They are probably pissed off like the bad traffic is only happening to them. Grrr.

    When I went home last night I basically got the 30 mins of rain... for the 30 mins I rode. Unfair!!! I basically stayed at a low low speed but I still lane splitted heaps, suprising I didn't come off!

    Hope your shoulder gets better soon buddy!
  20. Aww!

    I think I already told you about my off on tram tracks - pretty close to where yours was! Mine was where toorak road turns into burwood highway.

    The guy in the ute behind me jumped out, ended his phone call (he was on his mobile! tsk tsk) and moved the bike for me onto the footpath, before I had even gotten up.

    Subsequently rescued by The Org (heheh finally he gets the recognition that he deserves!) and rode home with a clutch that was about two inches long.