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Thanks for 'Get Wells'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Just wanted to say thank-you to everyone for their "get well" wishes both before and after the forums corrupted - much appreciated. My wife passed on the 'before' comments whilst I was in hospital :)

    Thks to codebluechick for her medical and moral support.
    Thks to martyh, dazza, and shabby for their logistical and moral support.
    Thks to glitch1 for his logistical, repair coordination, and moral support.
    And especially to my wife (titania) for all the hospital visits and putting up with my gimpy self now that I'm home again :)
    Thks also to those that came and visited in hospital to look at the war wounds :)

    For those interested in the details, I have a spiral fracture to my tibia bone between the knee and ankle. I had to have surgery to fit a rod/nail down the middle of the bone, the whole length between knee and ankle, with 2 screws at each end to hold it in place. 4-6 weeks before I can put any weight on the leg and 6-8 weeks before I can walk :( I have very limited movement on crutches, so am quite the gimp. Adapting to living downstairs is quite an experience too :)

    My off happened just a few kms from along teh icy creek rd from the nojee side turn-off at the bottom of Mt Baw Baw. Was taking it quite easy, and the front-end just fell out from under me, sending the bike on top of me ('cos of slow speed, it didn't throw me), and us both slidding off the road. Not sure why/how it happened, so for now will just have to class it as a "shit happened" off :-/

    Anyways, once again, thanks to all for the well wishes :)
  2. pity you missed the rest of the ride jason, it got even better! Hope you heal fast and are back on it asap ;)
  3. Wow :shock: I hope you get better really really soon..

    Lisa :twisted:
  4. Heya mouth,
    get well ASAP!
    and lets hope the doctors did the best job possible!
  5. Ouch! Sounds painful! Glad to hear you're home and feeling a bit better though! Good to have netrider back too! :)
  6. Best wishes towards a speedy recovery Jason! :biker:

    Not being able to walk & do normal stuff will be pretty boring, then once you can move around, not being able to ride will be a difficult time too - Yesterday was my first time back on the bike for nearly 6 weeks... Heal quick & proper and you'll be back out there I'm sure! :D

    Well done to Titania too :applause: , for being able to put up with you (and good luck to her for having to look after you for the next 6-8 weeks!) :LOL:
  7. Jason, what type of tire did you have on the front end? From the photos the road looked dry and clear.
  8. Still not convinced that your not faking it to get your lovely wife into a "Naughty Nurse" uniform! :wink: :p
  9. yeap that's what i was thinking an elaborate hoax, from crash scene to surgury, mouth also assisted NASA with the moon landing hoax to :LOL:

    Anyway had a great weekend riding around the Snowy's you would have loved some of the roads :LOL: tight, twisty and scenic :p

    Look after the leg and hopefully you will be riding again soon 8)
  10. Good to hear that you are back home mate. Take it easy, see you the road soon.

    Cheers 8)
  11. Yup, listening to conversation and laughter, even if your the butt of the jokes, is all helpful in keeping the mind off the injuries :)
  12. Yeah Baby! :LOL: I thought I already had a naughty nurse around the house often enough ? :wink:

    Funny story ... Before leaving the hospital, I had a sri lankin (not that it it probably matters .. but maybe helpful for social background purposes?) physiotherapist to teach me recovery exercises and show usage of cructhes. He asked me to get off bed and I grabbed monkey bar hanging over bed to assist. He told me I couldn't use and not to use anymore since I wouldn't have one at home. With my wife standing beside the bed, I responded to him immediately, in a very dead pan tone, that I did have one at home above the bed because my wife was very kinky :LOL: The look on his face as he scanned back between myself and my wife was precious, and after about 1-2 seconds I had to assure him that I was joking and save him from blushing much further :)

  13. *points and laughs*
    Wait till you fall in a ditch and dig out a potato and see the shitstirring then.
    Your injury negates this somewhat but in the spirit of shitstirring and Nelson munce
    speedy recovery Jase
  14. Did the Kiandra to Khancoban road last Tuesday and didnt see a bloody thing. Weather was fuggen miserable :evil:

    Oh, and get well soon Mouth :D
    Can I ask a really important question though like......how is the bike??? :LOL:


  15. mmhmmm... now you know what it feels like maybe you'll stop accusing everyone else who has an off of being stupid / inexperienced...

    and a physics lesson aint gunna help you either...

    as much of a shit as i have been i know how much being injured sucks... so i hope the leg heals up soon...
  16. I've had a spiral fracture in the same spot (nearly turned into a compound fracture).

    Hurts like a bastard!

    Rest up & get well soon mate.
  17. Thanks Kez, he's pretty quiet at the moment, sleeping a lot, but I know how bored he gets and am trying to think up ways to keep hime busy! Good thing I am working from home at the moment!
  18. Attach a remote-control to the vacuum cleaner and let him do some housework...
  19. Jason, heal fast and we'd love to see you soon at one of the netrider things. Please be nice to Titania....I think she's going to need all the support she can get....and that includes you!

    :D :D :D