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Thanks for all your help...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Geordielass, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's ear I have been chewing recently over the prospect of riding my new SV650s... :oops:

    I really appreciate all the help and advice offered, I've gotta admit (as everyone I talked to probably knows) I was absolutely shi**ing myself over riding the bigger bike just in case I did a mono and dropped it - or had all the mad thoughts running through my head as to what could happen... :shock:

    But once I got on it on sunday - I understood why everyone just said "get on it - you'll be fine"...I felt so nervous climbing on, but once I felt the difference in the 650 to the 250, I felt so much more secure on the road...

    So just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me through talking about their experiences and also giving me advice - there really was nothing to worry about - but at the time I was very nervous...its seemed like such a big jump up - but the transition has been relatively smooth - obviously I'm still learning how to handle the bike, but I already feel relatively comfortable on it... :grin:
  2. I've loved hearing about the SV plans :)

    So are you bringing your new baby to a coffee any time soon?
  3. I'll probably be there this friday.... :grin:

    Its funny, everyone at work has no interest in bikes, but they've all been drooling all over it this morning...I love it :grin:
  4. At least they can appreciate such a fine bike! Who wouldn't drool over it?!
    Glad to hear you feel comfortable on it...enjoy! :grin:
  5. Thanks again for picking it up for me... :grin:

    There was no way I woulda got on it in that kinda rain...was nervous enough getting on it in sunny conditions on the sunday hehe....

    You are a treasure.... :grin:
  6. I was doing fine until a guy pulled up next to me on a fine gixx thou'
    We had a little chat, then when the lights changed....I stalled :shock: :oops:
    I was so embarassed...I thought he would lane split and take off...but he was waiting at the next set of lights for me....to ask how long I had the bike!
    I was so embarassed! How uncool!..Oh well..at the next set of lights, I made sure I took off quickly and with confidence...well as much as you can have in pouring rain! :grin:
    Tis all good.....nice yellow...def. easy bike to see in foul weather!
    Bring on the road trip....oh..the GP! :grin:
  7. Cant wait for the GP...have always done GP on back of someone else's bike...first time rode down was superbikes in March on my 250....so cant wait to go on my sv woohoo... :grin:

    Seems like gonna be crackin weekend.... :grin:
  8. Oooh, new bike, new bike!! If I drive to coffee, will ya be there?
  9. I'll be there on friday for sure...if my plans change i'll let ya know - but otherwise my gleaming new yellow bike will be gracing southbank on friday hehe....