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Thanks for all the good times netriders! Damov

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by damov, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Been a couple of weeks since I posted as I have been flat out with work and general life, blah blah blah :)

    Anywho I just thought I would put up a good bye post as I am moving to New Zealand in the coming weeks.

    Those of you who dont know me by my callsign may know me by my bike, the beautiful but firey 2003 R6 black with red flames special edition. She is currently in storage "just out of rego" (perfect timing) until her maden voyage to NZ in october.


    I was really glad to have stumbeled across netrider as I have made many friends, had some awesome rides (long and short), good coffee meets at the HBB (the coffee was no where to be seen though) and learnt allot about bikes with many like minded people.

    Just a few people I would like single out, I mean say later too:

    My good mate Tim - not sure what your netrider name is now buddy cause you keep changing it! Thanks for always being a quick text or phone call away for a spin up the RNP at the drop of a hat! Get that 600 soon man!

    Hornet600 - Always good for a story paul :) You helped to fill those silent moments in the group and just a decent all round bloke. Also how can one not like a guy who coments on how good my bike is everytime he sees it. :)

    and a few others I have had chats with and tailed on rides marvin the martin, gegvasco and jaqhammer. Plus many people I have missed you know who your are.

    Anyways keep on riding and thanks for the good times :) !!!!!!!



    p.s. I will pop back in from time to time when I am in NZ and send some pics of some of the rides I will be doing over there for you to drool over.
  2. Nice bike bro.
  3. Sounds good eh.

    Best of luck cuz.

  4. All the best Damien. :biker:
  5. all the best damov.
  6. Don't say goodbye, Damien, wherever you are you'll still be a Netrider.

    Thanks for your kind words, and best of luck in the new venture, and do stay on touch..
  7. Re: Caps removed because it's rude to yell

    Good luck and all the best for your time over in NZ
  8. Yeah she is a very nice bike! Both to look at and to ride.

    hornet I will make sure I stay a netrider deep down. :)

    Thanks all for you well wishes.
  9. hey D. have a blast in NZ mate. look forward to seing some pics of your adventures. :wink:
  10. See you around Damov ,make sure you send some pic's
  11. Damn lucky bastard, moving to gods own country :LOL:

    Have fun over ther on the lovely twisty rds, and where the grass is truely greener (if it is'nt snowed under), just watch out for ice :shock:

    Wich part of NZ going you going to?
  12. Moving "to" New Zealand ?????
  13. Oh I'm jealous of you moving to NZ. It's beautiful over there, with roads just made for riding...and riding..and riding...
    Whereabouts over there are you moving to?
  14. AS this is an online comunity does it realy mater where you actualy live?

    Have fun.
  15. mate...they do have PC's in NZ, you can still logon to Netrider....

    hope you have a good trip mate..all the best.....and keep away from those sheep.... :wink: :wink:

    UPDATE::: try this site as well

  16. Poor bastard :( Auckland of all the places to go :)
  17. Yes I am pretty bright I understand that to be the case!!! lol

    Just wanted to say goodbye to the guys I have rode with in sydney as I wont be riding with them anymore or partaking in any ride days or meets obviously.

    Thanks for that link stinkfinger will check it out :)
  18. well, given i didn't get to ride with you, thanks for the posts, i hope they'll continue, and i look forward to the NZ stories to come. all the best, c x