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thanks cops

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyan, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. I was commuting to work yesterday and it was raining pretty heavily. I round a corner and see the cops had one lane shut and were literally pulling over every car that was going on that road and were administering RBT's (it's not a hugely busy road). I thought, here we go, I'm going to have to take my helmet off and sit here waiting and get wet - I wear pants, shirt and tie under my bike gear which is good for short stints in the rain but that is about it. They pulled everyone over and waved me through. Very considerate!

    Moral of the story - if you are going to drink drive - take your bike. ;)

  2. Edit: If you want to drink and DIE, take your bike. :p

  3. Well you can only make that mistake once.

    Dying is the final thing anyone of us will ever do. No second chance.
  4. unless ur a christain
  5. ^^^ Dude are you serious :shock: , I am a Christian, but the mortal life and the life everlasting promised by God are 2 totally diff things, you sir are in need of tuition :wink: , or something :? ,

    Anyway, Yeah, Coppers realise it takes skill to ride a bike, so if youre on one, and seem normal, you have to be on the ball. :grin:
  6. I had the same thing happen to me once, only I was truly blessed, since I had been drinking, but was riding from Melbourne to Ballarat, since an emergency cropped up. :)
  7. ^^^^

    He was pistaking religion i dare say, god* wouldnt be cool enough to let us ride or enjoy alcohol upstairs :LOL:

    *thats if he even existed

  8. Don't forget God's son knows how to turn water in to wine though!!

  9. Isn't it Buddhist?

    Then you can turn back as a roche or something cool like a bird eating spider or komodo dragon. :grin:
  10. They will be serving beer in heaven? Does that cost extra or is it all included? [-o<

    - I'm surprised at the RBT in the rain though, they're usually pretty lazy and don't want to get wet. I even heard a police spokeperson give an explanation something like "it would be too dangerous to make drivers pull over when it's raining". :rofl:
  11. Its not because they're nice mate, its because they're too lazy to wait for you to take helmet off and put it back on again.
  12. This is correct, Shant.
    It is perfectly reasonable to presume there will be motorcycles and alcohol in heaven :grin:
  13. And boobies?
  14. Especially boobies.
  15. So you can drink and drive in heaven? And free boobies? fcuk life, I'm going to heaven!
  16. Drink drive in heaven? What if you stack it?

    Is there life after heaven??? :?
  17. I've never had to remove my helmet for a breath test.

    And I'd suggest, that seeing you riding in the rain, done the decent thing,and allowed you through. Kudo to them, using their discretion. I hope you waved thanks?
  18. Yea mate, did you do behave in the appropriate manner? I jest, because I find that in Sydney the acceptable behaviour is getting narrower and narrower all the time. Conformity is now de rigeur ...
  19. yep gave him a nod...
  20. only Jesus came back from the dead, but he would only ride a cruiser
    Does that count