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Thanks and hope your ok(yellow gsxr)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by livingstonest, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Coming back home, whilst heading south on the putty road 30min from windsor i was coming up to a set of twisties when there was a slow car not too far ahead. So instead of going through slowly behind the car or attempting to overtake him in the twisties i opted to pull over and wait a few minutes.

    Unfortunately the second my front wheel left the bitumen the thick gravel on the side provided me no grip and sadly my bike went down on its left side. As soon as i got up a fellow on a yellow gsxr(600 i think) pulled over and helped me get the bike up, waited for me to see if the bike would start, then i shook his hand and he was on his way.

    The oggy knob took the brunt of the force. Damage to the z750 front fairing just scratches, engine casing scratches and oggy nob.......that's it! I wasn't too concerned with the cosmetics but i spent a few minutes trying to see if there was engine oil leaking cause there was some on the oggy knob. Is it possible for the oggy knob to have damaged the engine casing? I dunno?

    Anyhow i take off and everything's running fine. Still concerned about the engine casing. 5 minutes later i see ambos treating a downed rider and as i approach to my horror realise that it was the yellow gsxr who helped me no more than 15min ago. :(

    Apparently he had hit a half a brick on the road and down he went. Ambos were treating him. He had full leathers on so there was no obvious injuries. He had feeling in arms and legs and was speaking alittle. Anyhow the least i could do was help the ambos put him on the stretcher. His riding buddy organised towing and contacted his relatives. Bike didn't look too bad. Some headlight damage and flat rear wheel.

    Just wanted to say thanks and hope your alrite champ!
  2. WOE!

    ive done that, turned a tight, sexy corner, only to hit something 1/2 the size of a brick mid lean [only, i didnt come off]

    you know mate, that was your crash waiting to happen. if not for the biatch slide it would av happened to you.

    if he could feel his arms and legs and talk then im sure his at home right now, having a beer and telling his wife about how he had your crash.

    cheers :cool:

    hey! thats a friend o mine! :LOL:
  3. i guess the YES answer to that, is only obvious to those with one :LOL:

    to spell it all out for you, if you hadnt have slided, you would have hit that brick up a head, not the other guy who was originally behind you.

    do ya get it now?
  4. I dont think he posted that because he didnt understand that you meant he would hit the brick...........
  5. i dont hold bitter grudges about people who proved me right/wrong in a previous thread. im to mature for that sort of behavior.

    im happy to be friendly when i see a thread with the name livingstone on it, there's nothing wrong with that. there are others who wouldnt but, thats not me.

    cheers :cool:
  6. tough luck with that livingstonest, glad ur ok, hope yellowgsxr is as well, you are lucky you could have hit that brick urself.

    I saw a Suzuki secured to a post on the putty, looked recent stacked, but it was a bit further from windsor
  7. I don't think i need you to point that out to me. That was the only thing going through my head on the long ride home.......that it should've been me. How shit do you think i feel?

    Doesn't change the fact that there's something seriously wrong with you. I post this up thanking him and hoping he's ok and you try and put his blood on my hands.
  8. Sorry don't follow you.
  9. :?

    good on him for helping you, and you for helping him, i say. its just sh!t luck the way things panned out, such is life :(

    good to hear your fine though, and by the sounds of it, hopefully he will too.

    safe riding, mate :)
  10. You're not going to have a good outcome hitting half a brick on any sort of bike, very bad luck for the Suzi rider. It was good of him to stop to help you, but just a collision of circumstances that he himsef should crash and you see it.....

    {I hit a small patch of mud in one of those big sweepers north of Windsor once; the front of the bike wiggled, then the back, but it was all over so fast (I was going quick) that I only realised how serious the incident was after it was all over...}
  11. yellow gixxer is down but not out !!

    my new riding mate is recovering in nepean hospital . fracture to the back of skull,bloodied nose , bad headache, a few scratches. leathers destroyed, helmet severely damaged front and both sides.lucky he had all the right gear .the human body is a very delicate thing,always wear your gear people,you never know whats around the corner...
  12. lil red wrote

    sorry to hear of it lil red. i hope your friend recovers fast. sounds like a very nasty crash! are you able to let us know what happened?
  13. There you have it folks.

    Next person who types "Karma" to console someone on these forums will be linked to this thread and told to shut-the-hell-up ;)
  14. yes it was half a house brick. someone at the scene said that sometime earlier, a motorist had pulled over to chase kids that had been throwing objects . some, hitting his car. the brick certainly wasn't there when i went thru minutes before. from what he was able to remember , he has rounded the corner and been unable to avoid the brick. the front wheel has lifted and the brick has lodged in the rear end somewhere ...the rest ,you saw for yourself. i have just received a p.m from my ride buddy ,apparently he has a few broken ribs as well - but is doing o.k. sorry i am unable to reply by personal message as yet -the whole internet thing is still fairly new to me, and my typing is painfully slow ! i am really enjoying this forum thingy though, and it,s good to hear such varied feedback and opinions - both good and bad ! i have a new motto ....'ride however you want. as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone elses good time'....god sometimes i feel so old...i'm starting to sound like my dad.stay safe.
  15. Hi guys :grin:

    It's Justsomeguy here or Ujwal.

    I was the rider who went down on Sunday. I got back from Nepean Hospital last night.

    I have a fractured skull near my right ear and eye socket, 4 broken ribs behind my chest to the right and sore and banged up wrists, right elbow, knees and just an overall feeling of tiredness.

    Due to blunt force trauma to my body the actual memory of the crash hasn't formed in my mind. So no nightmares too :)

    I don't know what the bike looks like. It's a GSXR1000 K4. I hope it's fixable. It was in mint condition before the bin. No insurance either as I was waiting for the company in NZ to send details through... No complaints though, I got away very easy. I could have died.

    To the guy on the Z750 mate, thanks for the post - I shall look forward to buying you a coffee one day and catching up bud. I hope your bike just polishes back to new.

  16. Ujwal, great to see your at home and on the mend mate! I wish you a speedy recovery and that the pain isnt to much mate. Keep us posted on your progress.
  17. Good to hear you're on the mend, bad news about the insurance
  18. Ujwal. wrote

    HEY! :grin: great to see you here ujwal and out of hospital so fast!

    if you want to remember it you will. just think of the last detail you remember and bush bash ya way thru. if you dont want to remember, you wont. nightmares happen without ever having a crash. the motorbike crashmares are pretty bad.

    is the other side of your head ok mate? sometimes it gets a whack too [from the inside].

    do you compose music or anything creative? a head injury can leave you without any sign of impairment yet you might not be able to write a new tune for a while [PTSD].

    sooooo good to hear from you mate. you're right, the bike is replaceable, you're not.

    cheers :cool: