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Thanks 2 all that helped Hisako from Japan

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Hey peeps, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped my friend from Japan over the GP weekend.

    A young (25yo) Japanese girl (Hisako) came in the shop over a week ago, she had bought a ticket to the MotoGP, she told me that she could not get any accommodation down at Phillip Island so she was going back to Japan, I called our Phillip Island saviour, 'Rosie' who came to the rescue with accomodation, Drew (ZX14) offered to take her down to the Island. Hisako told me today that she had a really great time and that she will remember her time here forever.

    It is great that so many of you made her feel welcome, good onya guy's :grin:
  2. That's a good story.. would have been a pity for her to give up her ticket.

    That was the very first bike race I have watched from start to finish. (not big on bikes or car racing) and those blokes are mental!!!
  3. Hey John
    had to be nice to anyone who rides a 12
    :shock: cant believe that she rides one
    Was great to catch up with her
    I think she enjoyed her self :grin:
  4. Hisa was lots of fun to have around.
    It was great seeing the look on every ones faces when she told them what she rides (ZX12R) (She is a tiny girl).
    Pillioning her to the track and back on my little ZZR Must have been a little sedate for her (Though she said she loves all bikes as long as they are Kawasaki so it can't have been all bad)
  5. ant and i spent the day with hisako on race day. she's a top chick and looked like she enjoyed herself there. shame the kwakas didnt pull thru for her (well, not that much of a shame :grin: ) oh, and anyone who rides a zx12 deserves much respect - let alone when they as little as her!
  6. My pleasure Johnny. It was great having her here and I hope she enjoyed her weekend - absolutely top marks to her for having the guts to rock up to someone's house to stay with a bunch of people she's never met before in her life...not to mention in another country! Good on her! :)

    Mark (Egiste) gave her a lift back so thanks to Mark as well. :)
  7. as rob_ said she was fun to have round on race day and she sounds like shes having a great holiday

    go stoner
  8. Hey thanks again everyone, I feel the good karma to help another.

    Oh and by the way, she rides a ZRX1200 in Japan, like our green Eddie Lawson Replica's cept a blue one, I'm sure one of the computer experts here can find a pic of a Jap spec ZRX1200 to post, believe me it aint a small light bike :)

    I knew you would all help her, I know you are all special :wink:
  9. Es and I took her out for dinner one night, we told here that she would be safe....... and she was :grin:
  10. Did you get any of that wine into her?
  11. Not the wine, but she liked the Bundy n coke I think
  12. :worthlesspics:


    the japanese are very hospitable.

    cool to hear that y'all accommodated her.

    thumbs up!
  13. It did occure to me after the weekend was over that we didn't get any pics of Hisako.
    But trust me she was gourgous :grin:
  14. Oh one of these beasties.
    I did my best to help translate, but alas I still thought she rode a zx12.
    Safe journey Hisako.
  15. Bloody oath, I got one of those to her ASAP when I saw someone had given her a VB :shock:

    "Welcome to Australia! Here's a VB."
    Geez, did someone never want her to visit again?
  16. Good work Ktulu. Nobel peace prize is in the mail.
  17. Yep she was a top chick, couldn't talk her in to playing jaeger bombs with us though :LOL:
  18. Thats because you have a world-wide bad reputation, Woodsy
  19. even though we gave her a few demo's :wink:

    We took her to meet Bundy(Tex's pooch) too, pitty I didn't have my camera with me.
  20. Aww, well... it is nice to be rewarded for the doing the right thing, MVrog... but I think society would benefit a lot more if we ditched the positive reinforcement and instead punished those who serve VB to others :p