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Thank you

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mendy, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to say a thank you, to the Ducati rider.

    I was checking out the bikes at Albert park near one of the entrances of the grand prix.
    As I was lookingb at a nice duke, the owner apeared from the gates, and asked if I wanted a ticket to get in. He then gave me his pass, and left.

    Thank you very much whoever you are (if your on the forums), you really made my day.=D>

    Nice bike too, btw! (y)(y)
  2. You should find him and give him a gift of equal value, being a ducati rider I would suggest a latte
  3. Good on him. I usually do the same with public transport tickets.
  4. :LOL: nice one (y)
  5. i once bought a weekly ticket for work on the train and only used one day of it, cause some things came up, so i cancelled work for the week (hey, i was a casual at a shitty job) and so the next morning went to the station and gave it to some random who was going to buy a weekly ticket. :) it's a good feeling, good on the duke rider :D