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Thank you very much MCC

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, May 29, 2008.

  1. Well thank you very much Melbourne city council
    Out front of 148 Lonsdale st there used to be 1 or 2 motorbikes parked regularly. But now there are… 0 Bicycles.

    Gota love consultation
  2. The concrete looks to be still wet; go back and tear them out :LOL:.
  3. I dunno. Looks like a few motorcycle parking bays with steel "rub guards" to prevent people bumping the others as they park! ;)

    (Disclaimer - Spots is both a motorcyclist and bicycle rider; above comment said purely in jest)
  4. You can easily chain your motorcycle to that :)
  5. Was my first thought, i'd use em as motorbike parking bays - look big enough to me!
  6. +1
  7. If people parked pushies out on the street it would be sensible, but most buildings in the area have bike cages that you can put your bikes in with proper security (Bloody well wouldn’t be leaving my pushie out on the street)
    This is not having a go against pushbike riders… it is having a go at the council. The space was being used effectively, and now it is not.
  8. Yes but now when people ask what are they doing to reduce the number of cars in the CBD they can say how many bicycle parking spaces they've created.
  9. That aren’t being used
  10. Can your bike fit in between, and parallel to two of the railings without impeding the pedestrians? If so then at least you've also got a rail to chain your bike to! ;-) Gee thanks MCC! ;-)
  11. I'll make sure it comes up at the next "Motorcycles in Melbourne" meeting with the Council.

    Meanwhile email Haig.Poulson@melbourne.vic.gov.au with your concerns (and include the photo). I think the email address is right - PM me if it bounces.

    JDK and I did two counts last year and found that the number of motorcycles parked in the street was almost double the number of bicycles (because people don't park bicycles in the street). Must be time for a new count.
  12. Not sure what all the fuss is about......

    So they put up some bike parking spaces. So now you have something to chain your bike to. You won't get done for obstructing the footpath because there was a dedicated bike parking zone there.

    The glass is half full people, just change the way you look at it.
  13. They will be anytime they show them off to the media.
  14. It could be another of Melbourne's public 'Art' installations. In which case it would of cost us $10,000 instead of $1,000. :shock:

  15. Out of curiosity, could one get booked by those vengeful over-compensating parking inspectors for "Parking in bicycle bays" or something similar?
  16. What's teh problem? Buy some pipe insulation, thread it onto teh pipes, and continue to park bike in spot.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. What business is at 148 Lonsdale where these works of art are now placed?
  18. I'd email them and thank them for providing some help to secure your motorcycle.

    Then see what the resonse is. :wink:
  19. Nothing on the MCC WEBSITE relating to parking there. I think a phone call or email is in order...................