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Thank you Toyota

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dog3oy, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Thanks Toyota, in your infinite wisdom you installed a really powerful windscreen washer on your range of 4WD's.
    Your customers now must be very happy with the powerful jets of bug clearing chemicals that they can use to rid their view of all pesky insects and road grime.
    As a recent consumer of this window treatment i have but one request.

    Could you make it strawberry or raspberry flavoured ?
  2. You poor bugger.

    At least the bugs will be staying away from your mouth...
  3. Classic.


    this message is not too short, it's "stout"
  4. I would have been happy if the visor was down, it needs the clean. But trying to spit insect remover wile crossing the ANZAC bridge is a bit much.
  5. Mate, that is in really bad taste.

    More seriously you should know by now that you do not ride anywhere near a Mosman tractor because you know that something bad is going to happen very shortly.
  6. Oh dear :shock:

    Something inside me wants to laugh a little bit, does that make me bad? :oops: :D
  7. And that is why my visor is ALWAYS down!

    I hate toyota atm tho but thats cause my car didnt pass rego today :( its going to cost me a grand to register my car this year - that would have easily bought me a nice leather jacket that i want... :(
  8. Chemical window cleaner in the mouth?

    Oh, what a feeling!