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Thank you to the noobs :-)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. I've been wanting to say this to all the noobs on Netrider, for quite a while...

    * Thank you!

    Why?...because you are the future of Biking...
    Because the very fact that you are here on NR, is because you want to socialise with your brethren, learn to ride and be a better biker.

    Many sit on the side and don't get too involved, I know...and that's fair enough. It would be good if you could become more engaged with the rest of us, but at least you are still out there, listening and hopefully learning.

    If you're a Noob, and you are here at Netrider, then wear that badge with some pride. :)

    (And hey!...why not become a member. It makes no difference here on the forums really, but it shows a little bit of allegiance, and the cost is next to nothing)


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  2. No Raven... Thank you and the other experienced riders, and those who put up their hand to mentor, guide and teach us newbies. Really.

    And just signed up to be a proper netrider member too!!!
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  3. Raven, it's people like you that keeps me coming back :)
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  4. Well spoken Raven, not that one expects less from the Zen Master.

    The other thing you noobs need to do is keep an eye out on the Politics, law Governemnt Forum and get active on issues that affect us to ensure motorcycling is not legislated out to existence.
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  5. That's the spirit, mate.
    One day soon enough there will be things that you can help a noob with, and on it goes. :)
    Glad you signed up, and welcome to the membership . :)
  6. Very well said raven.

    I for one continue to learn from this site and posts that are put up by you and others.

    As a rider of only 5 months i know i have a very large amount to learn, .NR and the folk on here give me a place to come and learn. Yeah sometimes we get told but in my case I suspect that is not a bad thing!

    So thanks to you and all the others w ho give up their time to help us.

    Cheers Jeremy
  7. This is mostly a very welcoming community. I lurk a lot and soak up the info, I contribute where I think I've got something to offer. Thanks to the site admins/mods and members for making it a valuable community.
  8. I agree 100%. It is people like you and the other experienced members who take the time out of their own day to guide us, mentor us and try to make us better motorcyclists.
    Thank you.
  9. Well said Raven (and GreyBM)

    As Noobs are the future of riding I think one issue that needs to be addressed on NR is why so few stick around. NR has a plethora of members/users but in comparison few post on the forum.

    Lambasting Noobs does become almost an Olympic Sport at times on NR which basically drives people away. In the time I have been on NR i know at least half a dozen people who started riding the same time i did that don't post here anymore simply for that reason.

    Sure the standard response is HTFU. But what does that achieve?

    Folks need to remember while many here are new to riding they are not new to life and have a lot to offer but when treated like cannon fodder for keyboard warriors then they simply go elsewhere. Unfortunately and usually with not positive thing to say about NR.
    What will that leave? Pretty much thread after thread of preaching to the converted.

    While the Politics section has a mass of information I think people should keep up to date with it is probably one of the most unforgiven forum sections of NR.
    These matter wiil/can affect the very future of how/where/when we ride.
    It will be sad to see this dictated to the riding community because we were too busy bitching about each other.

    I am not suggesting in anyway that Raven or GreyBM are responsible for this but as now Raven is a moderator hopefully a few of these issues can be addressed.

    Ravens threads and reponses are been a wealth of information to me.
    GreyBM and Hawklord do an amazing job and over 18 months later I still go to the Saturday morning sessions on occasion to get feedback and tips.

    I will never stop learning and that is the beauty of this thing we call motorcycling.
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  10. Thanks to you mate and the rest of the NR community for helping me with my road craft physically and mentally.

    All you seasoned riders teach us youngings out of the goodwill of your hearts and that's something very hard to get these days, in a way it unites motorbike riders because as we all know... It's us against the rest .

    Before visiting these forums I had riden a motorbike once in my mates backyard and nearly smashed his bike into a BBQ. But after visiting this site for over a year and a bit I have got my p's and 2 motorbikes and am loving the hell out of riding(not so much the wet weather).

    I hope one day that I can pass on the knowledge I have learnt on here back to a whippersnapper just like me when I started.

    Cheers everyone, keep up the good work!!
  11. Its more the thanks to you Raven and Hawklord, GreyBm, Etc, for giving up your time and energy to the new riders that come on here for your invaluable advice and instructions,

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  12. One thing that is guaranteed, not just now that I happen to have become a mod, because I've always done it, is rider bashing. (usually noobs )

    Some noobs are there own worst enemy and get huffy when those that use less diplomatic language than they feel they deserve. Not everyone was born to be diplomatic, and on the whole it would good if noobs could stay focussed on the message itself.
    So my view is that we should speak to each other like we are at the pub, or a coffee place having a brew.
    That's how "I" keep myself in check, anyway.
    So if I come across very strongly in my posts, you can guarantee it's the way I would talk face to face.

    Of course, that's just me, and it takes all sorts. :)

    But I have zero tolerance for bullies. Always have!, and long before it became a magic word.
    If I can end it quickly then that's what will happen.
    Tell those mates of yours to come back, be a little less fragile, and just join in.
    It sounds like you have hung in there long enough to sus things out. :)
    It's never gonna be perfect. We all have to live with these bullies, because it's STILL against the law to shoot them. :-( Grrr!

    But if it's just a strongly worded message, it won't bother me, and it shouldn't bother noobs either, if they would just get the message and forget the rest.

    We also need to acknowledge the age old problem of words on a page, being taken the wrong way because they lack any visual cues.

    I know that you are looking at the big picture, and I agree, that we need to be more encouraging...but that comes in different fashions, just as it is in real life.
    But I very clearly acknowledge the intent of your post, and I take your point very seriously.
    Well said. :) ... with a lesson we could all learn from.
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  13. Hey don't forget...ie: if you've been riding for 6mths or a year, there's going to be a lot of pretty fresh thought's based on your experience, that would help someone in their first months. :)
    Even if it's just to help them realize that none of what they are experiencing, is unique to them. Sometimes, that's all that's needed, and the rider feels he just needs to get on with it.
    You, can have a positive influence to a riders early career. So speak up, reassure them, or suggest a more experienced rider be contacted.
    Simple things can go a long way. :)

    Not trying to push you into anything...just saying'. :)
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  14. I just have to add my thanks for the help you've given me raven. You've managed to make difficult-to-explain concepts understandable - and in text no less. That's no mean feat and I'm very appreciative.

    I think no matter what age we are, we turn up here as bright eyed bushy tailed noobs, eager to learn. For most of us, the learning curve is steep and NR helps to flatten it out a bit. But in the end riding is a challenge and that's all part of the fun, just to get out and have a go.

    There are some great people on this forum, people I hope to meet in person one day and you're one of those. Cheers!
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  15. This sums me up too and I have learnt a lot from coming on here. Credit where it's due.
  16. ^ This



    Additional positive reinforcement on liner here -->

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  17. We've all been "noobs" at one time. Me twice, in a sense.

    I think we do need to be conscious of the fact that we don't go overboard taking the piss out of noobs - maybe reserve that for people who've been here a while...

    Also remember that for a number of "noobs" NR may also be their first experience of an internet forum so they won't necesssaqrily know the etiquette (that's nto really th word, probably tradition is a better word) of the pisstake, and the HTFu approach is unhelpful in such circumstances.

    Encourage your fellow riders (new and old) - they are the future of our passion / sport / hobby / past-time / whatever you want to call it.
  18. Thanks to everyone involved in NR - for making it such a wonderful experience!

    For me it started with the Saturday morning sessions which gradually led to weekend rides and even after a year of Saturday sessions, I still enjoy going there.

    WHY? Because of everyone involved. Of Course, Doug & Dave are there and their enthusiasm in sharing their wealth of knowledge make it such an awesome place. And then there are the usual suspects who rock up, have a chat about bikes among other bike related things! :)

    I've met some wonderful people here and made a few friends as well.

    Keep up the good work guys & gals! (y)
  19. Cheers for responding Raven !
    Yeah I have stuck around as one of my sources of information and have made many friends from NR.

    I have had people have a go at me in real like who are a lot bigger and scarier than any keyboard warrior so to me it is water of a ducks back but I felt something had to be said for what seems like a silent majority.

    Hopefully a few may return but we can also concentrate on retention.

    appreciate you time taken to reply.
  20. #20 ShinobiWan, Jul 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    As a bona fide newb, I am also grateful to folks like Raven, GreyBM et. Al. This site may occasionally disconcert folks, but it has proven a wealth of useful information, helpful advice and somewhere I'll be hanging around for a good long time I dare say. :)

    May even make it to a Sat morning learner session one week soon, with luck. :)

    So thanks again guys, and keep up the good work.

    2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650L.