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Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vladpp, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. So i was riding down Springvale road when i hear a bang and loose power. Upon close inspection it appears that the chain was no longer on the sprocket. Long story short i had to push the bike home.

    As i was walking it home a guy on a bike pulled over and asked if i needed help, i was pleasantly surprised by this gesture but sadly there was nothing he could do. But if your reading this, thanks anyway, its good to see there are still caring people.

    A couple of minutes later a guy in a ute with a trailer pulls over and asks if i want a lift. Turns out he rides a zx10r. If it wasn't for him id be still pushing for another hour or so. Thanks mate, your a lifesafer.

  2. Now that's real nice!!
  3. good to see that we're still looking after each other.
  4. That is bloody outstanding.

    Hope you offered him a cold one when you got home!
  5. good on him for stopping, bad to hear bout the bike
  6. Nice to see we still look after other bikers..

    I would of helped if i went past too, id of locked the car and helped push it.

    What part of Springvale road were you on???????
  7. Yeah it's good to hear of that mate.

    I usually try to stop and help if it looks like I can. Who knows one day I'll need a jumpstart or something.
  8. What he said. :grin:
  9. "good to see that we're still looking after each other."

    This makes up for the 3 out of 8 people that didn't nod back today.

    "Hope you offered him a cold one when you got home!"

    He was in a hurry, but i think i've seen his bike around my area, will carry a 6 pack in case i bump into him.

    "What part of Springvale road were you on???????"

    Near the intersection with wells road.

    The bike SHOULD be alright, the chain was still in one piece and i couldn't see any damage on the sprockets. Only thing im unsure of is that clutch lever went soft, maybe the chains pressing on it, underneath the clutch cover. Either way i wont be riding it on my P test tomorrow.
  10. Oh god that sucks, you have your p's tomorrow??!!?!

    That is AWFUL timing!!!

    You'll be hiring a bike i guess?

    Hope they don't give you any grief for a late change.
  11. bad luck to you for chain
    good luck for u with helpers stopping.

    if i saw you i would have stopped (bike or cage). otherwise you coulda called racv and they tow ur bike for u to ur house/mechanic or call ur local mechanic and they might be able to come pick it up with their van (depending who they are)

    I did help a fellow NR tonight, even thou i wasnt able to race outa my house quick enough to help pick up the bike, got there and it was half on the curb. i was able to assist with some tape to put the indicator back on. If your reading this there were photos, you cant deny it!
  12. The chain came off in one piece? A long push home to contemplate how lucky you were is probably what you needed! Learn some basic maintenance skills pronto!

    But you didn't post for a lecture. Thumbs up to both riders - I've been pillioned to the petrol station by a stranger before (damn fuel tap stuck on reserve!), and I try to help others when I see them.
  13. Bike is provided.
  14. Chain came off in one piece? wtf? You mean one straight piece or it was still a loop?? (i've spat a few chains on my two fidy... don't ask. :oops: )

    Good to hear the guy stopped. Karma people, Karma. :)
  15. To the OP... look into getting motorcycle recovery cover.
  16. Great reading this kinda stuff!

    Good luck with your P's today
  17. That's damn lucky and nice of him, I had a similar experience on my postie bike last year, one of the carby screws came undone and the carby separated and leaked all my petrol,

    Old bloke on an old honda 250 saw me while pillioning his grandaughter saw me on his way back and helped out, even went home and got some tools for me to put it back together so i could get going again.

    Always nice to see people willing to help others in need.

    edit - CNT SPL GD
  18. yer my chain's come off before, had a bit to much slack, but I was able to tread it back and got home safely.

    yer RACV will give you two free tows (up to 20 kms) a year if you take out road side assistance on the bike. But they wont do any mechanical work, they wont even give you a jump start.
  19. I get 8 free tow's a year with first 20k's free with RACV

    and just really cool reading this sort of stuff, i'd do the same and would like to think others would do it for me too.
  20. It's funny, I once ran out of fuel (fuel tap wouldn't go to reserve) on the side of a relatively busy country highway (car every 10 -15 secs) and the only two people that stopped were on bikes.

    Thank god for reception and honda rider assist... best $55 odd I've ever spent, 5 litres of free fuel, delivered.