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Thank you Soichiro-san

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Today I treated the Hornet to its 150,000 kms service.

    I bought it at around 54,000, in March '05.

    It's done everything except track days (can't afford the risk of chucking it up the road) and excelled at it all.

    It's been regularly serviced every 6,000kms, or as close to as finances have allowed.

    So what did we find out at the magic century-and-a-half mark?

    New air filter, consumable

    Balanced and adjusted carbies, expected

    front tyre is knackered, I knew this, consumable

    Steering head bearings need replacement, they are undoubtedly the originals :shock:

    Three valve shims replaced, two which needed to be and one just to bring the machine up to exact manufacturer's specs; again, this is the first time the top end of the motor has been touched in 100,000kms

    so, 300,000kms here we come :LOL:
  2. I'll race you to 200k ;)
  3. How do u get over 5 digits -super nub- most odos seem to only go up to 99999?
  4. That’s quite a milestone. You must really like this bike. I can only hope mine will reach the mark in such good condition.
  5. 42,000 in just over 2 years, I am catching up fast Hornet, Hahahahaha
    Thats good mileage tho, Well done Mate,
    Goes to show how good your bike is,
  6. you're right, but because I know what it's done I add a '1' at the start of the numbers :LOL:
  7. Good to see bikes put to what there were made for.
    With regular service and ridden careingly, there's no reason why it shouldn't make that 300,000K.
    You often see bikes 2-3 years old with a few k's on them.
    A bit of a waste :(

    I should be nudging 20,000 after Sat since Xmas Eve....
  8. go the might hornet - bike and rider!
  9. lovely to hear from you miss carri :)
  10. I totally fail to see the logic of spending money on a bike and leaving it sitting in the garage for months and months at a time. They were designed to be ridden, for goodness sake.
  11. True. Very true.
    Although sometimes there's no choice. (groan)

    I must admit. THAT IS, pretty impressive, Hornet. Better than I would have expected, mate. Good bike!! :)

    But...I might have you beaten. I calculate, that my bike will last well into the 22nd century, if I maintain my current rate!! LOL :))))

  12. nice to have the time and feel awake enough to post again from time to time :) hope all's well in your world. certainly looks like it.

    PS i'm thinking of moving on from the hornet to a street triple, but you're making me think twice ;)
  13. Good on you Hornet. Frankly, you're a major inspiration behind my Hornet ownership! Before mine was offered to me, I used to sigh over coffee with QW and we'd talk about what would be a great cheap high mileage bike we could afford, and the Hornet was often considered because of your experience. When mine was offered to me (for $2.7k, while I was in the middle of a tour on the GR650 and it was running badly no less) I therefore jumped at it.

    I added 20,000km to mine rather quickly and was looking at doing 40,000km a year, except the SR went back on the road and I got tired of doing 700km joyrides. But again, you're experience keeps holding me back from selling mine despite my lust for another big single or twin.

    But tell me...how do you afford these bloody tyres?
  14. I know your pain; over $200 for the front and over $300 for the rear. The front has done nearly 9,000 kms, but I've never complained about that because you have to be able to trust the front, even more than the rear.

    I just budget for around 2 of each per year, and try and remember when I'm fanging up the Pass or through the Ten Mile that sooner or later I'm going to pay the price :LOL:
  15. Maybe I should look at riding a proper road bike?!

    Gawds.. my cars done ... 200k+ mark. The Odo broke somewhere around the 150 mark. Replaced it second hand, and then it broke AGAIN.

    That was two years ago. But it is denied regular service, it gets its vital fluids topped up etc regularly though.

    No real leaks, but at what i think is about 200k and its on its last legs I think.
    Damm Fords
  16. That's pretty standard for 'modern' cars unfortunately - used dealers won't touch 'em once they clock over 200 thou.

    Read up on scheduled or planned obsolescence - GM specialty from memory, but standard practice now.

    Nice work on the 150 though Hornet. Especially with only predictable consumable/scheduled work needed. Your steering head bearings doing that long is particularly impressive. You obviously need to get the front wheel in the air more often ;)
  17. actually one of the things that has discouraged me from following Loz's advice and learning to do wheelies is that all the good books say that that is a great way to DAMAGE steering head bearings :LOL:

    Seriously, though I'm more delighted than surprised at this longevity, and it probably doesn't surprise most younger Netriders either, but remember I grew up in a era when it was common practice for motors to require a decoke and valve grind at around 40,000 kms and prehaps a complete re-build at around 100,000 kms.

    My old Magna went to the insurance company with 330,000 kms on the clock and wasn't even blowing any oil smoke at that, and a guy I regularly see at the Pie Shop has a ZZR-1100 that has done over 290,000 kms!
  18. Pardon my ignorance "Hornet", but is it the 6 or 900?
    I am looking at replacing the defunct VTR1000 (thanks again, QBE...).
    The new Hornet 600 looks pretty good, as I had in mind to "down size" and get a bike with less plastics...
    Cheers from a wet Melbourne!
  19. My username used to be Hornet600, so .... :LOL:

    Really clean Hornet 3.

    Obviously with that sort of mileage it's a 1998 model (with the 16" front wheel, no less)

    I haven't seen too many new 600 Hornets around Wollongong and the South Coast so I haven't had a chance to swap notes with the riders, but all the road tests said it is a good bike....
  20. Egads, the front is shagged after 9000kms! I don't get it. What brand are you using there Hornet?