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Thank you Mr RTA(NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Shock Horror! I have actually had a win due to the RTA licencing laws. I have just moved from SA to NSW and completed my final rider test just before I left. So I figured I'd still have a year to wait before I could upgrade from my VTR250. Well apparently I qualify for a NSW Gold licence immediately. And if you have a gold licence and are over 30, there are NO restrictions on bike capacity once you pass your final rider test. So moving to NSW has meant the RTA has lifted the CC restriction! Thank you very much.

    Right, off to the bike shop with a cowering wallet!!!
  2. Congratulations on both fronts there.

    Good to see you will be able to get the bike of your choice.

    Be careful thanking the RTA to quickly you may have won this round but expect them to win the war thru many batles most of them something that should have been sorted easily had you been in another state.

    But good going showing the NSW road rules can work in your favour every once in a while.
  3. nice one :D (though rumour has it that this 'loophole' is set to be closed shortly :|
  4. Mmm interesting. I'm not sure how they can though without rewriting the entire Gold licence thing. Because if I had done my rider training in NSW and had a gold licence, I wouldn't have had a restriction from the outset. The only question in my case was eligibility for the gold licence upon transfer from SA. In my case, because I originally got my drivers licence in NSW in 88, which had lapsed in 91 upon transfer to another state, they still had me on record so were able to use my old licence for eligibility.

    There was even argument in the RTA office about what I was and wasn't eligible for but apparently the manager was fairly accommodating and had been telling the people on the desk to grant gold licences in these cases.
  5. either way, a good result, but it further re-inforces the ridiculous diversity of standards between the states!
  6. Excellent.
    In my experience, once you've got it, you've got it for life!
  7. ?

    Eh, I had a victorian driving license for 4/1/2 years (full license, p's for 3 years before) prior to moving to nsw earlier this year.

    At the time of getting my Ps earlier this month, my victorian license would have reached a total of 5 years. However, i was told that the 5 years start from the day i get a nsw license.

    hmm, time to call up RTA to double check.



    Opps, just re-read the bit about how you got your nsw license in 88... :)

    Our situations are quite different. Anyway, folks over 30 are considered mature riders and would have no restrictions on them anyway, so...

    ya, the gold license is effectively a cheaper version of the silver license.
  8. I'm glad he said mature and not OLD!!! lol
  9. Well, it *is* the technical term given by RTA... ;)
  10. Yep, one day the will all get it right, seems silly if you cross the border on a retricted licence that technically you are licenced to ride a bigger bike. I think the mature age is a good idea, because road knowledge is far greater than someone who has only had a licence for 3 years or so.
  11. I think the only reason I had a chance at it was because they still had me on record with a lapsed licence from 1991. That plus a statement from SA regarding my current licence was enough to get the manager onside.