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Thank you Mr. Car Driver...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spikes, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. ... For seeing me sit behind you and the car next to you, measuring the distance between your side mirrors.
    (In the pouring rain, in the middle of the CBD, stuck between two lanes whilst the whole of LaTrobe street was jammed.)
    and kindly turning your side mirror in, so I could move forward in traffic, while you couldn't.

    Thank you!!! You made my day! :grin:

    Most car drivers are ok, some of them are total IDIOTS, but this was my first truly positive experience with one! (I'm convinced he's got a bike as well ;)


  2. Happens occasionally. Feels good when it does :grin:.
  3. That's a nice story. I too was caught in the rain (my first time whilst riding) so I took it very easy and hope that I encounter a friendly motorist like you did someday. I must say that riding in today's storm was a great learning curve and I think in someway it may make me a better rider. Here's hoping...................
  4. warm and fuzzy moment?
  5. Very much so.

    Quo Vadas, I've been riding for pretty much 1800km now :LOL: still very much learning everything. You should come to Tuesday Night rides if you can. I had 200km in the meter the first time I attended 8 weeks ago. Learned HEAPS from then and still am. Most of the people are very nice and they'll help you out whenever they can :)


    Make sure you're confident in dry weather, before you go and ride in the rain man! It's frekking scary out there when it's wet! :grin:
  6. Best one I had of that occurance was on a MR and I got stuck next to some fancy 6 figure merc... I was very stuck - so I just waited. As I looked around the old dude in the merc was grinning pointing to his mirror, my first thought was "yeah yeah I won't hit it"... then I looked at his mirror:

    It was electrical and rotating up and backwards all by itself!!! :grin: Gave me enough room to wiggle through!!! Coolest mirror ever - and I let him know that. He just grinned away - probably because it was the coolest thing on the car he just spent 6 figures on...
  7. As IF you would've waited for anything Brownyy! AS IF! :LOL:
  8. Every time I hear a story like this, almost all of the faith I had previously lost in humanity is restored. Cheers!
  9. Actually he looked at his mirrors and your L plates, and did a probability sum on chances of you hitting them...and the result was reflected in his actions :p
  10. I was sitting BEHIND him, dumbass :D
    No way he would've seen my EX L-plate :p
  11. I had an X5 move outa the way for me last night. Who'da thunk it?
  12. X5?

    In Soviet Australia, computer is too short for message.
  13. ahhh!!
    he must have had a vision about the past then :p

    congrats for being off Ps :) when are ya upgrading???
  14. On one trip through Western Sydney, on a stinking hot Saturday, I had two separate drivers wiggle their cars sideways as they slowed to the lights to give me room to get through! I was chuffed :).
  15. Considering this has turned into an awesome road users thread, Was riding up bulli pass this week and joined a trail of traffic behind the truck. Quickly moved to directly behind the truck and the driver signalled me through when the road ahead became clear. Gave me thumbs up as I passed and it was returned straight away. What a Legend!
  16. I have a Lexus with mirrors that do that, and I have used the functionality to let motorcyclists through tight gaps.

    The coolest thing on the car though is that the steering retracts and swings up out of the way when I take the key out of the ignition. Forget the leather, hydraulic suspension, differential lockers front rear and centre, the non-glare mirrors, and a million other things. It is the steering wheel that makes the vehicle worth it. :D
  17. I saw a Lexus park the other day and I'm sure the mirrors turned inwards automatically as the driver took the key out of the ignition :? :?
  18. Later models may do that Paul, but not mine. It does tilt the mirrors down when I put the vehicle in reverse though, although I leave that feature turned of most of the time.

    There are even a few Lexus models that parallel park all by themselves. You just drive up next to the car in front of an empty parking space, press a button and take your foot off the brake, and it backs into the park automatically. Nifty stuff!
  19. Thank you Mr. Car driver part 2. Was heading home from Somerton yesterday afternoon, I was winding my way between traffic and got stuck behind a car tow truck (extra wide) and there was an even bigger car transport vehicle on my left. The car transport vehicle saw me contemplating whether to try and squeeze between them or wait for the light to turn green and he opened his door, checked the distance and told me I'll make it :D
    Was just between vehicles when light turned green and he even gave me space to zoom outta there and the thumbs up as well!

    (added bonus, he was quite nice looking, too) :p
  20. didnt top gear crash theirs?