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Thank you FX power sports!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ptbl, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Hey my fellow net rider members,

    I would just like to thank FXPOWERSPORTS down in Brunswick for my brand spanking new 2011 megelli 250R LC , the sexiest LAMS approved motorcycles Going around, absaloultly stunner!

    I have purchased two other bikes from them & everytime im given outstanding customer service, the boys down at their service centre really know their bikes, as for the sales personal they actually know bikes best of all & not try & B.s through a sale

    If your looking for a new bike I'm sure the team will be happy to assist you.

    So thank you to Allen & the team down at Fx POWERSPORTS!

    Ill be Seeing you for my first service :)
  2. I hate red bikes... but im for some reason i find myself curiously attracted to a black bike with red bits...

    Fine looking steed, enjoy.
  3. Haha it's the best combo in my eyes, Went for a quick ride today everyone seemed to enjoy it sure is an eye catcher. So easy to ride. ! Looking forward to my adventures in this beaut
    Cheers mate.
  4. Haha bro ur on crack and entitled to your own point of view,
    Sory but I can't agree with the sexiest lams bike anyway enjoy
    What's with all these fx powersports plugs anyway I remember that benelli one.
  5. Yeah like you said everyone is entitled to their own opinions, well I wasn't the only one buying this bike, I purchased the second last one.. Theese bikes were rolling out the door!
    I didn't know they had previous plugs, I just guess the customers enjoy their purchase & wish that everyone has such a good experience with the dealer of choice.
  6. Just noticed how thin the seat is, especially that it appears no more comfortable then the pillion seat - which is usually far worse then the rider... and my grammatical mistake in my first post (the extra 'im').

    Is it as uncomfortable as it looks?
  7. Nah it's quiet nice, suites me just fine but hey I'm only little so I can't really answer for bigger blokes will let u no when some come to try it out.
  8. have you dragged the kickstand on any left hand bends yet?
  9. what i dont get is how have u bought 3 bikes but still on L's? :S
  10. :cheeky:I call bullshit on OP - what department do you work in bro?
  11. Well I'm 20 & my income is alright, plus I get bored quick cant wait to get off my ls.. I have them a short time & re-sell.. I like having new shiny toys .
  12. Nope haven't I'm pretty sure the earlier problems had been rectified, I dropped the knee & nothing sc****d soo all good.
  13. What u call b.s on exactly?
  14. You are welcome anytime and yes thanks for the plug see all of you Phillip Island riders on our Benelli and Bimota Stand this weekend at the GP.

    Keep it on the black stuff!!
  15. thats rediculous 3 brand new bikes in less than 3 months at the age of 20...
  16. if you seriously have the sort of money to be buying brand new bikes all the time then why don't you get an rvf400 in good nick, that should keep you entertained
  17. The day I'm off my restrictions I'll be getting a new r6 !
  18. so we can add you to the statistics now then?
  19. So along with not really learning how to ride any of the shiny toys you have so far purchased & discarded, your going to get an r6 as soon as you are off restrictions, yah that should end well..

    Ever heard the expression "more money than sense"...
  20. i had a megelli 09 was the worst bike i have even had. I got it brand new from them guys at fx in brunswick got my first service from them too. they busted my nuts n cluster .A few weeks later my wheel breaing's fall out when i was rideing it and the 2 yr warranty that came with the bike never kick in fx found a way to put it on me and still make me pay for it. I know what your thinking just one bad bike right. My mate had one too same things happened to him wont turn on whould just turn off. them guys at fx the guys maked me feel like he was my best friend he's very nice ask me to bring him coffee as a joke .But at the end of the day he's there to make money and that he did off me n my mate i spend $600 bucks in the 1st 3 months in repairs on a brand new bike thank u fx never comin to you guys agen