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Thank you for the insurance discount

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Katt, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. I recently purchased a new Triumph Street Triple Rx and was informed by the Business Manager that membership with Netrider provides a discount for insurance.

    So thank you for my discount, I might as well have a look around whilst I am here.
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  2. Hi and welcome Katt, you got one of these?? Nice, very nice:playful:
  3. Yes, I will attempt to post a picture of her for you.


  4. Yes, she is simply perfect. I will post a pic once I am allowed
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  5. Welcome aboard Katt :] as you wander around remember to heed these three warnings: Don't ever get him wet. Keep him away from bright light. And the most important thing, the one thing you must never forget: no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs . . . never, never feed him after midnight.
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  6. Heh! But he is soooo adorable, it will be difficult to resist.
  7. You haven't met uncle greg :wacky:
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  8. What area are you from Katt?
  9. Do you use that line on all the new girls?
  10. Western Sydney Ned.
  11. he does
  12. Cool, you might like to hook up with MadAzz300MadAzz300 and get along to some of her rides.
  13. I am sure MadAzz300 has better things to do than look after me, but thanks for the introduction Ned.
  14. It's not about looking after anyone, it's about riding with others, perhaps that isn't you, sorry I posted :rolleyes:
  15. I am genuinely sorry if I offended you in any way Ned, I am not very good at this forum thing. I honestly appreciated the introduction, however did not want MadAzz300 to feel obliged.

    I currently ride with my husband or our 19 year old daughter, however they ride trail bikes which are a little restricted in comparison to my new Rx. So much so I had a bit of fun recently along the GWH with hubby not standing a chance of catching me.

    Therefore having someone I could go on a decent ride with that would not raise my husbands eyebrow, would be fantastic.
  16. Welcome Katt. I lead group rides a couple times a month and love every minute. The rides are full days on great roads with amazing scenery. I also do a lot of solo rides (mostly because all my mates are busy on the weekends), but do like the company.

    I'll message ya when I go out again (y)
  17. hmmm i was the first person to reply to this thread but i forgot to click reply
    Hi Katt
  18. Welcome to NR...
  19. Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome.

    MadAzz300 I have every Sunday/Monday off work (unless dragged in for meetings) and am still running in my new toy. The damn weather hasn't been very favourable for running in a new bike, so I am really eager for a full day on dry roads, somewhere I can scrub the wax off the tires :)

    It is a little unfortunate that my husband can not share the day with me, however his passion is trail bikes and I am not even going to try and change that. So I would have been heading out on my own, however female company would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Welcome to NR Katt. Good choice with the RX. I've got a 2 month old Street Triple R myself and it's love at first sight for me every single day with her. :p