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Thank you for stopping - Broadmeadows

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RavenWolfe, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. :) I just want to put out a Thank You to the man in the white(?) pick up that stopped to help me this morning at about 4:30-5am at the turn off into MeadowFair after I stalled & couldn't start the bike up. :oops: (Lil' red bike, black helmet) Obviously a fellow rider as a cager wouldn't stop.

    I would have stopped, but I'd just recharged the old battery & was paranoid that if I stopped the battery would die completely, especially after taking so long to get it restarted when you noticed me. (New battery going in tonight.) It was much appreciated that you stopped to help when you saw I was having a trouble.

    He may probably never see this, but you never know he could be a forum member!

    So thank you whoever you are! :D
  2. Nice one.
  3. yes there still are some nice people out there. And you must be an old broady boy, Meadow Fair hey !! :D
  4. I kind of hope the guy wasn't a rider. It'd be nice to think that there are cagers out there who will still stop to help a motorcyclist in trouble, even if they don't ride themselves.

    Either way, good on him for stoping.

    Hope all is good with your bike once the new battery goes in, RavenWolfe.
  5. With all the bad comments about non riders , it's good to see some positive feedback :D
  6. Yes, there are still some nice people out there. Few & far between, but they are out there.

    :D Thanks Bogus69 & Midnight, someone has to acknowledge the good people out there!

    And no, Blue12, not quite an “old broady boy”, but have been around these suburbs long enough that there are plenty of nice quiet practicing spots around here early in the mornings. :) (Take the huge car park near Bunnings!) In addition, I’m missing a few of the major body parts that would make me male! :p You know broady I take it? You still around or have you managed to move away? I myself seem to be stuck here for the time being… :roll:

    It would have been great if he wasn’t a rider, he may have been a mechanic who knows.
    And not sure about the battery just yet, I’ve finally charged it & am about to go out & install it. Only had the bike a week & been on it three times. :( Here’s hoping!
    Thanks El damo. :D

    Thanks for your comments guys!
  7. I wouldn't call it stuck, stuck is like when you're splitting and there's not enough room to squeeze between two cars ahead so you have to wait a minute to move on. I'd say "a prisoner" is more on the money :p

  8. yeah an old broady boy i am. The original part of coolaroo i grew up to be exact, right near progress reserve, and yes have managed to escape.. :D
    just funny hearing the shopping centre called meadow fair as that name goes way back.