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"Thank you for not killing me."

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cookeetree, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. As motorcyclists, we're always on the lookout for cages pulling out in front of us from streets, driveways, etc. How many of us, though, acknowledge the drivers that do the right thing by us?

    I, for one, always give those drivers a little wave to let them know that I'm thankful they saw me and had the presence of mind to wait until I'd gone past before pulling out.

    Does anyone else give a "Thank you for not killing me" wave???

  2. Always give a "Thanks for letting me live" wave. I like to encourage good behaviour.

    When I lane filter/split I always wave at the drivers who pull over a little to give room.

    It is too easy to blast the poor drivers so I like to focus on the good ones.

  3. i tend to give them a nod, sometimes i think i get looks that say "what drugs is he on" :LOL:
  4. I try to stay conscious of 'our' image with other road users. The other day coming down Macquarie Pass I met a truck coming up at the lower hairpin. I COULD have scooted through inside, but I waited till he'd completed his turn and was heading up the hill. We exchanged a cheery wave :).
  5. I've wanted to a couple of times, but won't start waving til I'm confident enough in my riding to know that I won't end up as strawberry jam on the asphalt. :) Definitely going the nods where I can, not sure how visible I am doing it sometimes though. *shrug* But at least I try!
  6. I am a HUGE fan of the Nod.

    But I reserve my Nod's for other bike riders. One of the things that warms the cockles of my heart is the sense of belonging to the Motorscycling community. This is best expressed by "The Nod". Way to hard to chat to someone pulled up at the lights but a simply Nod says it all.

    A Nod at a rider going in the other direction or at an intersection is like a secret handshake. Although it is not really that secret now is it?

  7. i'm a huge fan of acknowledging the courteous drivers. They don't have to move over that little bit to let me through, or pull over to the side when gong through the hills etc. so its always an enthusiastic wave from me to let them know that i appreciate it.
  8. Yeah, courteous drivers like those deserve a wave, but drivers that a) see you and b) don't pull out on you almost deserve a medal! :wink:
  9. This one time, I nearly pulled out on a cop bike, but I stopped... and he didn't give me no stinkin medal! :( ;)
  10. That's because you're a biker. You SHOULD see every bike on the road and not pull out in front of them. :p

    "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' BADGES!"
  11. Yup wave for ones that let me past and nod for ones on the side or oncoming that look out.
  12. As a cage driver I try and keep a lookout for bikes - I have to say that I haven't received a wave during my driving career yet, but neither have I received a finger, so I guess I'm doing okay.
  13. ditto to that, i had to stop a mate becoming a smidsy the other night
  14. Yeah I try to give a wave when someone lets me in, its common courtesy but seems to have been lost alot these days.
  15. I move when I can in the cage, and acknowledge when I can on the bike. I've had people move, and some people acknowledge that I have...but not all.

    I try and keep in mind that there's times that I can't/don't feel comfortable letting go, and give others the same concession. Sure, there's times when it's blindingly obvious that they COULD have acknowledged and didn't, but...well...whatever.
  16. Always acknowledge someone who does the RIGHT thing legally, to many people try to squeeze in, cut in front etc, I even do it in teh car.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. i do it sometimes, depending how far out they pulled out before they saw me, ie if they were already halfway out into my lane, it would more likely be a dirty look than a wave.

    +1 hornet600, perception management is an important thing. when someone is having trouble on the side of the road, cagers seem shocked when they see a biker offering them assistance.
  18. the wave

    A little bit of good will and curtousy goes a long way wheather your in a cage or one of the good guys.
  19. I have given the little side wave if some has pulled off to the side or moved enough to let me pass. If it makes that person feel better about bike riders then maybe they will always keep that extra eye out for the next one.

    I also drive a cage for work and and move across for riders, and have gotten the way a few times for my efforts.
  20. Always give a wave to those that do the right thing. On our NR group rides if a car pulls over I to let the pack through, I think 99% of us give a wave in thanks.

    Good for the bike image if more of us do it. Just don't stack trying to do it ;)