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Thank you Draggin Jeans

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    Please join me in thanking Draggin Jeans for giving away a pairs of Jeans each to 3 lucky Netrider members.

    The winners were chosen at random by our software and notified by email.

    To show your appreciation for the support that Draggin have given our members, please consider visiting their website by clicking on the image below.


  2. I don't have as many pairs of draggins as I do gloves... but I'm not far off.

    Draggins rock!

    ... and no, I didn't win a pair. :(
  3. I love the draggins. But vic I think you mistyped my email address when you notified the winners- better go back and check mate.
  4. Draggins do RAWK.

    I have a pair of the originals.

    I always told Blue14 that I wanted to get into his pants and I succeeded. :p
  5. As much as I like Blue... um... :sick:

  6. I'm looking at my second pair of draggins soon ...
    Is there any way I could perhaps bribe this guy called 'Our Software' :wink:

    ..strange name eh :p
  7. My draggins saved my left knee from alot more damage.

    Shame I wasn't wearing them when I downed the right knee.

    I truly need knee sliders, but not for going fast reasons :LOL:
  8. I use mine Molten Camos all the time when i ride up here & the looks i get when i am wearing em. People then say they want a pair where did i get em and i tell em that they came from Bike Mart in Ringwood Vic, but i also let em know that they can get em from any Motorbike shop, They so ohhhh. r they motorbike pants? I tell em yes & then tell em a price.
  9. Where are the winners announced?
    And yeah, I know my name isn't on that list, but it would be nice to know.
  10. They are no longer announced.

    The winners are notified by email.
  11. thanks Draggins,
    my pair hasn't arrived yet :LOL:
    might have to bribe the computer with one of the hallucinogenic virus' or a few credit card numbers next time
  12. Thanks Draggin's and Netrider !!

    My jeans havent arrived yet either but I couldnt believe that I had won !!

    Cant wait for my new pair to arrive.......... :)
  13. Since someone brought this thread back up:

    Curiosity has gotten the best of me, why aren't they announced? Announcing them shows everything is above board and up for scrutiny. What does not announcing them achieve?
    And yeah, I've searched the forums (maybe I'm not looking in the right places?) and I can't find the answer. Did someone get beaten up for their prize or something?
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Must have joined a little to late.... maybe next time Thanks.
  16. Draggins rule :cool: