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Thank you counter steering!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by belair, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. A while ago I put up a post about practising evasive action and emergency stopping.

    Well today it paid off. Big time.

    Coming back from a fang around kinglake, I was riding down Whitehorse rd. Just before the burke rd intersection, I moved into the right lane as there was a car turning left into a side street up ahead. This car was making its turn just as a white Liberty was about to exit from the same street. As I kept going, I was directly behind the line of this car making its turn, to the white suby.

    First thought was: this guys not gonna see me if he doesnt pay much attention. And I didnt know if he was going straight or just turning left either. As his nose pulled out just in front of met I had three options:

    OPTION 1: Flick the NOS switch and get past as soon as possible(drop a gear a rev those little thimble sized pistons like never before)-Sadly my bike doesnt have NOS and the throttle is about as responsive as a 15 year old labradore

    OPTION 2: Counter steer around the mongrel-oncoming traffic posed the only threat

    OPTION 3: Ride straight at same speed, smack into him, get insurance, new bike. Been through all that before, not fun. Plus risk death- Not feasible

    Option 2 it was. Luckily there was a gap in the traffic coming the other way. Turns out he was going straight, so i pushed right, hard and fast and ended up in the opposite far left lane. He realised i was there(or gone) when he was across the opposite right lane. It was bloody close, only a bees dick in it. Had a good look at his right hand front fender too(if i had a choice of what cars fender to hit i would probably choose a Liberty). I eventually got home and my hands were shaking, still cant believe how close it was. Looking back, it was pretty much instinct that made the vital decision.(head still hurts coz it hasnt had to act that quickly in a long time)

    At the end of the day I post this because there were going to be two outcomes from this encounter: hit or miss. Thankfully it was the latter. Too often we see posts/threads of people coming to grief and if it wasn't for practice and anticipation, I would have been writing another one.
  2. So, where are all the nasty Across-slanderers now, I ask?? :LOL:

    Phenomenal avoidance, Jim, well done!!
  3. Hmm thinking I should really practice my counter steering. Nice dodge!
  4. damn fine job mate!!!!! is huge messade in there for all of us... practice practice practice... and always look out for possible accidents....

    again.. well done!!!
  5. A Liberty hit me a few weeks ago!

    /was in Hilux.
    //towbar pwnd.
    ///didn't even bother exchanging details.
  6. Grats mate, glad to hear it was a miss not hit. Uhhh just curious, in the weeeee hours of the night, doing slalom across the broken white line trying to make it through the gaps... does that count as countersteering practice? :LOL:

    Didn't think so... anyone else do that? lotsa fun.
  7. Well done on the analysis of the situation and subsequent save. I've taken to using the horn a bit more lately, just to try and let them know I'm around.
  8. Saw a guy on a bike yesterday playing 'in and out the windows' on the sets of 3 arrows on the road... looked like fun.
  9. Nice save Fella. Welcome to the club! It's a part of road life.

    Mind if I take the mic for a second...

    A couple of convos I've had recently with some new riders have made me realise that they have equated countersteering as the thing you do when emergency swerving to avoid an obstacle.

    They haven't actually trigged onto the fact that countersteering is the only way a bike steers at speed i.e. input into the bar in the direction you want to go, and that what they did in the licence test was an emergency swerve using countersteering.

    This might not apply to you belair, but I thought I'd share this insight in the hopes that newbs will have a light bulb go off on this specific point.

    ...did that all make sense??

    BTW, one of my fav things to do on a bike is the broken line slalom... or just swerving from side to side for the hell of it! heaps o fun :)
  10. :facepalm:
    Made sense to me

    I must admit, I probably am one of these. When going through twisties I try to keep one thing in mind if too hot into a corner or just in general: push harder on the inside bar and trust the bike. Seems to have worked so far anyway.

    So i guess the concept is there, just that the only real reference to counter steering I have heard(through lack of experience), has been associated with emergency swerving.
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  12. thats a great vid mordeth, i like the part when you gave her a bit of a whoopin hehe :)
  13. +1