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Thank you car drivers.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cookie99, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Now on my 59th and 60th bikes FZ1 Yam and 1250 Bandit and with 41 years of riding experience under my belt on every continent bar Antarctica I have FINALLY seen something I thought would elude me to death.

    An improvement in drivers attitudes to Motorcyclists (I do NOT include trucks and buses in this category)

    Many times in recent years I have noticed drivers pull over when stopped at lights to let us through the stopped traffic, which still a no no in Victoria, works in favour of both MC and Cars WHEN DONE SAFELY AND SLOWLY.

    I have also noticed that in general, Motorists are treating us with acceptance and are beginning to treat us as part of the mobile community and not 1%'s.

    NOW this must work both ways. When folk in cars do the right thing by us ACKNOWLEDGE it and though you may have to stop, a nod or wave to thank them shows that we appreciate being treated with courtesy and folks here is the most important part of this tome.


    If we took the time to treat our fellow road users with decency, care and courtesy it would in time (as it already has) filter back to us.

    Yes I know that many times folk in cars don't acknowledge us when we let them in, do not block busy intersections and let them in when they are on our left and are confronted by parked cars but so do we also not acknowledge them.

    Over countless miles I have noticed an improvement in our relations with the Police, road works personnel, emergency vehicles and other motorists in general so let us lead by example.

    Many times I have seen the surprised smile when a I stop on my bike to help others, let them filter in ahead of me and each time I think that someone has gone on there way with just a touch more respect for us and that is worth it all.

    PS Speed cameras. Two years ago I was pulled up by a Police Officer for speeding on High Street Glen Iris (I deserved it) and as the very decent Cop was booking me I pointed out to him that in the ten minutes that it took, possibly a thousand cars and bikes had driven past us and seen me being booked and his car with its lights on and that had a deterrent effect on every one of them. SPEED CAMERAS DON'T

    No one likes being booked but even being stopped and warned by the Police has a deterrent effect on other motorists which can only help keep us, our family and friends alive so get on to your local MP and support a greater and more visible Police presence on our roads, sure some of us will get caught but if it stops me going to one more useless funeral it will be worth it.

    Remember we are our best ambassadors out there so lead the way and others will follow.

    Stay safe and be courteous.
  2. I went down to the big smoke in the cage last Monday and saw the worst driving I have ever seen but I'll take your word for it as a regular commuter mate.

    I was actually going to start a thread about the degraded driving standards over the last 12 months.

    I hope there is a miraculous improvement this Sunday.
  3. totally agree somewhat

    I think its also courteous to acknowledge cagers and b ikers that give way to you, whether its at the lights, merging in peak hour or letting you pass on the twisties
  4. There are certain points I differ in opinion.
    Back in India, anytime I was touring on the highways, any biker's best friend is a truck. (not every one of them, but the majority).
    They follow rules, if you use your dipper/beam to indicate you will be following him in the night, he makes sure you have a safe journey.
    Everything around trucks in a highway had been a good experience for me.

    Unlike, private cars....and tourist busses....
    The cars would have a mentality to, yay, lets test my vehicle's full ability !!
    and they drive wrecklessly, over taking in wrong lanes, doing all the crazy dumb stuffs, which not only kills them, but also sends zillions of motorbike tourers to oblivion.
    The tourist buses just have one thought process, faster they reach their destination, more the trips they can make in that day, aka, make more money.

    This is the mentality of drivers in the highway.
    City, has a different story.
    Royal Enfield is the most respected motorbike company in India. Not only amongst the motorbikers, but also amongst everyone else who doesnt ride a bike. Pedestrians, Truckers, cagers, even the cops.
    I wont ever say its the best bike, but def. the most respected.
    You are in the road on an enfield, every car, will give way to you, pedestrans will stop jumping across intersections at green lights.
    Even cops, have a different outlook for them.
    Indian cops, are known for, ehm, not soo good moral values.
    If they want to make money, they WILL book you just coz they felt like booking you.

    But, if they see a biker on an enfield, 95% of the time, they will treat you with respect. Am not saying they will let you go if you have broken any traffic rules.
    For example, once when i was travelling from Hyderabad to Goa, at one of the checkpoints, I saw the highway cops checking each and every bike and taking any alcohol bottles from them if they found one. Even sealed alcohol bottles. Their logic, you MIGHT stop in the middle of the highway and start drinking.... :|
    I was waiting at the checkpost with 3 friends, (all 4 of us on enfields), wating for our turn to be checked by the cops.
    Goa is the land of alcohol, and one of their local drinks is a type of liquor made out of cashew, (called fenny). And needless to say, each of us were carrying 6 bottles of fenny with us. We were pissed off, coz soon all our fenny wud be seized, and then used by the cops themselves later on. Suddendly, one of the officers at the checkpoint noticed us, and called us to form a seperate line. He came, and looked at our bikes, asked us about them, how much mileage do they give nd blah blah, asked us about our trips, and where else in India have we toured, and asked one of the constables to open the gates for us.... :|
    Incidents like this wasnt' a one off situation, but has happened to us several times.

    So yeah, for me, everytime I was on my enfield, I never had a problem with cars giving way, or cops causing trouble.
    Highway, I would still swear by the unspoken friendship we (bikers) share with the trucks... :)
    Things, look and feel soo different for me in here now :|
  5. I totally agree with you.

    I remember when i was younger my cousins used to always pull over and let bikes pass or filter and then say "watch his hand watch his hand he'll thank me" and when they didnt, he used to abuse them LOL. It stick with me. I always say thanks for moving over. I think they appreciate that we appreciate it.

    many riders dont give the time of day to drivers and see them as the enemey...they may even be a fellow bike rider...so ya never know.

    Good post mate.
  6. 59th and 60th bikes... Holy shit. May we all reach your mileage in time.

    As for driver attitudes, most of them are pretty good really, once they notice you, and I always wave thanks to anyone who pulls over to let me split. I think if you ride confidently you get a lot more respect on the road.
  7. Hey Cookie, can you post up an introduction thread in the welcome lounge thingy and tell us a bit more about yourself? A quick scan of your posts tells me you'd have a story or two to tell.
  8. Crikey you must crash a lot, 60 bikes :shock: :grin:

    As motorcycling has become more popular the amount of people who drive and also own motorbikes has risen, therefore the wives, hubs, dads etc of motorcycle riders are also more aware of us. I know in my family there are two people who ride bikes [my brother and I] but now our wives and parents are much more bike aware. This could be part of the picture.

  9. Hi Chris, Same cookie different forum.

    I have no argument as to the standards of driving/riding on Victorian roads, by far the worst I have experienced anywhere in the world including Italy.

    I have written to both our transport Minister Lynne Koskey and the Federal Minister Mr. Albanese regarding this along with the front numberplate issue and had personal replies from both.

    The horrific driving habits in Victoria can be put down to a number of reasons.

    1) Minimum visible Police presence on our roads and freeways and most importantly a reliance on revenue raising mechanical measures which do nothing to identify the real menaces on our roads.

    I ride an average of 2000km per week and what I see never ceases to amaze me as is the total lack of visible enforcement and deterrent out there.

    Our Police in general spend their time doing menial and general secretarial work which should be done by unsworn members (public servants) and released to perform their main responsibility of providing us with a safe place to live and drive.

    The force is woefully undermanned and under-resourced and their morale is at an all time low but how easy is it for various agents (The media et al) to point the finger of blame at them when the sh*t hits the fan.

    Once a plethora of visible Police and candy cars along with many Motorcycle Patrols kept us reminded that we should be responsible drivers/riders/pedestrians/cyclists and on many occasions I was pulled up and simply warned which had the effect of making me feel that I had "let the side down" and I took more care in future.

    I have never been warned by a speed camera but got my first infringement in 29 years by one of these unseen and possibly uncalibrated and definitely useless for safety, daemons. 108kmh on the Monash freeway the alleged speed when, the 3 kmh was reduced was 105 kmh on an empty section of the freeway.

    I am sick of 4X4's driven by empty headed mothers happily chatting on their mobiles whilst cutting me off at will but where are the "Phone Cameras"?

    I am also sick of "Tradies on the phone while also writing invoices with their free hand. Where are the deterrents to these menaces?

    I am sick of helping patching up young idiots on brand new 600cc speed machines who arrive at our hospital near death with their dead or near dead pillion passengers wearing clothing more suited to wearing at the beach than 160 kmh on St Kilda road with a skinful of "E's" on board on early Saturday mornings but where are the "Bloody idiot cameras?"

    I am sick of being tailgated when doing 80kmh in the works zones by truck full of gravel who save time and make money by not covering their
    loads, once visors would last for years not so now with the constant peppering of gravel, where are the "Dangerous driving cameras?"

    Why can we not put Video cameras that can identify the really dangerous drivers and get them off the road rather than endanger car drivers and motorcyclists who now must have their eyes glued to their spedos rather than the road around them.

    I will be speaking to the opposition soon on the matter of serious support for our Law enforcement and emergency services and a serious consideration to taking Law enforcement out of the hands of unethical, unreliable and poorly trained unsworn civilian contractors and putting it back into the hands of a properly trained and if necessary OVER-RESOURCED Law enforcement agency, our pathetically resourced and managed emergency services and Hospital system.

    Having said all that I still congratulate all the good drivers and riders who go the extra mile to try and improve things on our roads.

    See you at Metung in September Chris
  10. true, there are so other factors which count on mishaps on the roads.
    Speeding is one of them, while many other factors, are just ignored or not recognized by the system as a threat.

    if all those actions need to be monitored, then we would live in the realms of London, where every street and alley is monitored by cams...yeah, crime will drop, and "dumb" people wud be a lil aware, but then thousands will start crying about privacy.
    Its a tough battle, maintaining proper law and order would call in for strict surveillance, and that inturn will hit on public's privacy issues.

    Even today, many residents of London are complaining about "being watched" 24/7 :|

    For me, I would'nt mind living with the feeling, that am being watched by people who care about my safety.
    Its only humans, and their way of thinking.....
  11. On behalf of cookie it took him 60 bikes to settle on the Bandit 1250 :wink:
  12. No way, I do not see any real proof of a real reduction in crime with increased citizen monitoring. Speed cameras etc are a neccesary evil and yes I would support street cameras around known trouble spots, but where do you stop? Once the genie is out of the bottle you can't stop it.
  13. No worries mate. I knew who you were but forgot you were in meds :wink:
    It'll be great to catch up at Metung. I'll buy you a cordial :)

    Have a think about signing up on the TM forum. We have a handful from the "burbs".

  14. Have you been to Perth?
  15. I'd say motorcyclists have done a great job of raising the awareness of motorcycles of motorcycles, however the ability of drivers is diminishing as cars become easier and more automatic. I wish I could say it was better but people are giving a sh!t less about other people on the road more and more.
  16. I could agree with OP. A test was in the city of Victoria, some politician rode a scooter through the city for his campaign thingy on cheaper costs for scooter riders in the city (not sure if it was to do with parking/special lane use), but anyways they said that the population of riders had risen to 3% there (some 12,000) and accidents involving them decreased 40%.

    More and more people are paying attention i guess cause the numbers are rising and maybe they are starting to realise they are not the only ones on the road and should look out.

    But there are still alot of a#*eholes, particuarly try hard P-platers.
  17. _________________

    Sorry Loz how rude of me, I have just posted an introduction.

    I have been quietly involved in the Political side of motorcycling and frequently get to chat to those at the highest levels but old friend I will never trust a Labour state government again despite being a devout Socialist all my life.

    60 bikes sounds a lot but did I mention in all that time i have only had two cars one a 1979 Toyota Troopie which I still have and my wife drives my Camry station wagon.

    PS I have NO intention of stopping at sixty.

    Chris "a cordial" Good God man I am a biker I will have a cup of tea thanks mate.
  18. Apparently, the London's Surveillance system tips off nearby law enforces even about suspecious looking suspects, so that they can keep an eye on them.
    So think of your bike being stolen, when you complain to the cops, with the description of your vehicle, the cops can actually trace your car from the moment it left your parking, through all the roads it travelled to it's current location :)

    They see some1 talking on the mobile while driving, at the next intersection they will have an officer to greet him with extra valued sms pack which the driver can only use from the prison...

    Couple of months back, a taxi driver was murdered in St. Kilda at 8.30 pm ish... the family who lost one of their member, can never get a replacement, but if the cameras were there to track the crime, then the law enforcers couldve made sure, that no other family looses one of their members for that di.ck head drunk murderer ever again.

    And like this one, there are soo many cases of serial murders, burglary, etc... :|

    What do I need privacy for in public places anyway? No ones making love infront of Flinders Street station...you have your privacy inside your own house, outside, you are taken care of, by protective watchers. I ll be one happy man.
  19. hadowarrior

    A family member of mine is a Chief Constable in Southern England and informs me that the massive surveillance in Britain is next to useless in-producing any form of evidence (much of which is inadmissible)

    That which is useful but mainly inadmissible is about 4%

    And NO way do I suggest a nanny state just well trained, resourced and supported Law enforcement agencies supported by hi tech video surveillance which can alert Police and allow them to intercept and charge using the video as evidence.

    If speed cameras can be good enough quality why not HI quality Video.
  20. Nothing rude about it, I was just curious.

    There's a couple of political types floating about on this board, notably Tony Ellis from VMAC and John Karmouche from the MRA.