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Thank you Brendan Nelson!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. As some of you may know, one of the first things the Defence Minister did when he took over the portfolio was approve a proposal to provide Defence funded motorcycle skills training as a way of reducing the losses associated with Defence members having accidents. Obviously helping people avoid fatal crashes is the biggest aspect of this but the other big aspect is that many injuries that wouldn't otherwise terminate a person's employment will cause immediate discharge from the military due to the physical standards required. Considering the military can't attract and retain enough people these days and the $1.9mil seems like a good investment.

    Well I have finally managed to get myself on one of the funded courses Mon/Tue next week. It is the Stay Upright Advanced course. And the real beauty of this..........it is considered DUTY!!! So I'm actually at work while running around Oran Park.

    Thank you Brendan!!!
  2. :LOL:

    Ah I remember ages ago this thread.. & me telling you it was a waste
    a tax payers money. :p
  3. I was trying to get on one of those for ages but had heaps of dramas getting my OC to sign the bloody form cause he didnt know what the hell it was. Even after writing a minute and attaching all the information (including the defence instruction AND highlighting the bit that basically said he had to afford time for me to do it) i still got it back with a "What the fcuk is this?" I got annoyed and gave up...

    New OC now so im thinking ill give it another crack... pretty busy at the moment though so probably wont even have time :(
  4. It does come down to your boss agreeing that he/she can release you from your real job for the course. But then that is no different to most of the other courses we have to do. We go through OH&S and Equity and Diversity training every year, well here is a course that could directly save your life! Seems much more worthwhile.
  5. As opposed to the TENS of millions they are spending on increasing recruiting or improving retention. And this measure has a direct correlation to reducing road trauma. Seems like a good way to spend government money to me. Aren't people always whinging that training is the way to go about reducing the road toll. If you agree with that then the only thing you can have a gripe about is that it isn't you!
  6. True :grin:
  7. Yeah i was mainly dissapointed that he didnt know what it was and wasnt even interested in finding out. We have ALOT of riders in the squadron that use their bikes as a primary mode of transport and im sure it would be more than worthwhile. Not like we were doing anything better at the time either! Anyway ill stop complaining now, think ill get everyone together this time and make abit of noise if the same thing happens :twisted:
  8. I think it's great, especial when most of those fighter pilots think that they can automatically ride an R1!! And it's so expensive to train a pilot that the cost of Stay Upright course is nothing comparing.
  9. greg are you ARA or GRES? ive got a feeling you told me GRES? i was told at my old unit chocs couldnt get panneled for it:?:
  10. I took full advantage of my one for this year...however it was pissing down the day it was scheduled for and I had just put new pads on. Ah well, I'll just have to go to another one next year :).
  11. You really are a fool.
    Any pilot has far more common sense, training and humility to think like you, err, that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Neither actually, but I know what you are getting at. RAAF.

    As for chokos, from the FAQ:

  13. They can be very precious at times but everything is relative. P3 pilots think fighter pilots are precious. Herc pilots think P3 pilots are weird. And even Hawk pilots have a go at Hornet pilots - they call them the "Twin-fin master race".
  14. haha, you raafies crack me up!

    the army sleeps under the stars

    the navy navigates by the stars

    the airforce picks its hotel by the number of stars
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    sorry couldnt help myself
    thank for the info btw, i just found out though i have to finish my training in my new ECN before i can be panelled for any other courses. knowing the cluster fcuk that reg staff in choc units board rooms, that'll be sometime next decade :roll: :cry:
  15. Other “companies†send their “employees†to learn golf or play paintball. Giving your employees some extra survival skills is pretty smart. But doesn’t the army have some type of motorcycle unit? Why didn’t they use them to teach ya skills? (and M1 drivers to give lessons on how to park a 4x4 at the local shopping centre :grin: )
  16. These courses are also open to Defence civilians as I have recently found out if anyone is interested.
  17. And your point? :LOL: Who picked the right service then!
  18. My local paper today has an article noting that the Army are GIVING away their Leopards to 'interested parties'. I shouldn't be publicising this, but oh the potential for some Blitzkreig-style motorcycle-AFV co-operation.

    'You want to drive the Pajero like that Mosman Mummy? Come and meet ma liddle friend!!'

    Be good for speed cameras, too.
  19. The insurance is a killer though. Apparently Shannons don't care if it is garaged, they won't go near them. What's a patriotic Australian driver supposed to do. How can we protect our investment from the new scourge on our roads - Volvo drivers with RPGs. They are fighting back you know!!!
  20. yeah, discussed here

    But we really need an official ADF comment on the Indo Kilo Class subs in that thread ! ;)