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Thank you - Blue Ninja 250R crash Pacfic Hwy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeworge, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. If you're reading this forum I'd like to say thank you for all the riders who helped me out today on the Pacfic Hwy. Including the bikers who watched over me, the ones who directed traffic out of the way and the 4WD driver who kept me from being run over.

    I've been dismissed from hospital with some bruises but no apparent spinal or bone injuries just really sore.

    For those of you who don't know me, I generally attend the Ls sessions in Homebush Park (now I got another experience to share with the L platers). Hi guys if you're reading this.
  2. I know it was raining today, but how did you crash at 40kph on the OPH?
  3. Damn Jeworge, sorry to hear about your accident. Glad to hear you are ok though!

    Good to know you had people looking out for you, thats the way it is supposed to be ;)

    Hope you are feeling better real soon :)
  4. Traffic lights changed to orange as I was approaching, I began to slow down. When I got down to about 20km/h my front wheel slipped out and I went for a fun slide.

    I didn't see any oil but considering I was slowing down to traffic lights where oil gets dropped I had some bad luck today.
  5. Thanks a lot for the well wishes. I hope I do too and same with my bike. I'm already missing it.
  6. Now you've gone and done it. :p
  7. I'm dumb, I don't get it.
  8. Jeworge, as long as you is ok, and up and about, that's all that matters.

    Is the bike badly damaged??
  9. I haven't seen my bike yet. I wasn't allowed to move in case of spinal injury but my best mate who was riding with me tells me that the right side fairings is really bad and the rear brake pedal is bent. But from appearances seems like the underlying frame and handle bars lived. I'd guess though that the right foot peg and exhaust are probably beat up too though.

    I wouldn't say I'm up and about, I'm lying in bed with my wireless keyboard. But I'm alive and will recover fully and hopefully so will my bike.
  10. Well that's the good news, let us know how you are in a couple of days, and when you see the bike.
  11. Did someone say.........



    Heal soon and best wishes
  12. Yeah I sure will, I'll most likely be feeling even more sore than I am right now haha!

    I wonder how my bike is feeling. My poor baby.
  13. Thanks cam. Haha streetfighter the bike, the thought has crossed my mind. :grin:
  14. bummer mate feel for ya, left my message in homebush thread so i wont repeat it, u have answered all the questions..

    now htfu, get the bike and we see you on july 4th :shock: (jokes)

    heal well my friend..
  15. But he's new to riding. His bag of luck is supposed to be full!
  16. Glad to hear you're OK Jeworge, oh and +1 on the bag of luck.
    You didn't grab the wrong bag did you?

    Stay Safe!
  17. Any landing you can walk away from....

    Good to hear you're alright.
  18. That's what my best mate said after I had my spine checked out.

    Thanks Phil.
  19. Intersections can be diabolical in the rain; it brings all the diesel and crap that the trucks and cars drop while they are braking, up to the surface. Bad luck, dude, hope you and the bike heal up fine.
  20. would have been the highway not the old pac. no lights down there. if it was the lights at the mount colah bridge that is slippery as sin there when you are going north.
    yeah great for sideways off the lights but can catch you out.
    and jeworge thats your crash so now move on for more joy.
    next time you head up shoot a pm this way and ill join you