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Thank you bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. For getting me home tonight! What a horrible evening, lots of rain and road spray. Standing water on the road in spots, big puddles, crap visibility, two lane country back roads...ewwww! SO much for showers.........
    Again, all I can say is my Cheng Shin front tyre is OUTSTANDING, with not a hint of dodginess in any of the water I rode through (some at 100 km/h, was invisible till the last moment). The Dunlop on the rear is equally amazing. The amount of spray these tyres kick up is surprising, when I had a car behind me, I really noticed it.
    My new wet weather gear, totally dry! :grin: Nolan helmet fog free, even in traffic. :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. I'm sure the old girl is just as happy to be home.
    A returned trip is a sucessful trip. :)
  3. Yeah, it was the wetter side of wet tonight. I wasn't prepared with proper weather gear... guess I should keep some on the bike...
  4. Yeah wasn't pleasant thats for sure. I don't mind riding in the rain except for two things:

    - other drivers on the road, and
    - rain droplets on the helmet

    I saw the aftermaths of three accidents going along Limestone Avenue. Honestly a lot of car drivers are absolutely retarded, driving as if it was day and bone dry.
  5. I had 160km trip for the day around vic. Its wet and dry all the way. I could say the same for my bike as it got me to where I wanted to go and back without any problems. 80k each ride.

    Today was really windy insted. had to lean in abt 10degrees into the wind all the way(highway riding).
  6. What...you're supposed to slow down in the rain right? That means you sit closer to the car in front! If you wipe off 10 in the rain, it's safer, the police say so!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. nearly as good as me
  8. Haha! I was riding down Plenty Rd back from Whittlesea with a mate and the wind was awesome! I would be leaning over and then Bham! :eek: , the wind would stop and I'd shoot across the lane - quite an experience! :grin: