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Thank You Bandidos!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cookie99, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. I had the pleasure of a long ride around the Peninsular today and sighted not one "Plice" vehicle or "Plice" persons.

    I suspect that the interlopers kept our "Plice" busy which is good for us Law Abiding bikers.

    Now if we can only get all the other Bikie Gangs to visit us more frequently I would be very pleased with the lack of "Plice" haunting our roads in this fine weather.

  2. anyway, complete fcuking waste of tax payers money.
  3. You ask me if I know... Manuel the Bandito...
  4. I rode from north of the city to st kilda BP then out to yea via the eastern & yarra glen and then home via whittlesea, not a marked vehicle in sight.
  5. fark the flame suit mate.. a bullet proof one might be a better option..
  6. when the cat is away the mice come out to play :twisted:
  7. Tell me about it. I did a 200km loop up Plenty Rd->Whittlesea->Kinglake->Healsville->Yarra Glen->Ringwood->Bentleigh without seeing a single Police vehicle.
  8. That usually happens to me 49/50 times I ride and do a similar or longer route. But I do usually ride Mon - Fri, I loathe weekends for rides for mentioned usually seen police :grin:

    Weekend rides for me usually are taking my wife for a nice sedate pillion ride somewhere to go for lunch.
  9. I did a quick run to town yesterday (Sat) to pick up a pool fence. I normally spot one or two patrol cars. Didn't see any. However, near Moe on the way back the local divvy van was set up doing radar duty. This is extremely rare for this area.

    I can only assume that the TMU was concentrating on other areas "of interest".

    Which is good, because they may have queried the load that I was towing...

  10. Saw a couple of them being sneaky and hiding in sidestreets on Beach road stretch yesterday (between Warrigal rd and St kilda)
  11. :grin: Saw 2 4wd + 1 Highway patrol on the Reefton yesterday. They were in attendance of a rider who had come to grief on a downhill right hander. Not sure of his condition.
  12. i love rain also.. and wet roads

    this means the police won't have to target motorcycle hotspots around brisbane because they assume that noone will head out :twisted:
  13. not only did i not see any of them today, was there less cars on the road with many people at home watchin cars that go half as fast with twice as many wheels? altho there were alot of plice around ringwood, lilydale, croydon, as per normal last nyt.
  14. Wazza thats why we enjoy our mid week blasts in the hills mate :wink: but truth is i didnt see one Plod at all on the penninsula this weekend and when i did see them it was all just plod cars parked at the plod shop :LOL: Catchya for more mid week blasts when ya get back from japan mate :grin:
  15. thanks to bandidos. For nothing!

    I was walking past the hotel they had booked out on city road last night back to my cage to drive home from the arts centre with the missus. Glass, plates, bottles generally breaking shit from the balcony/windows. Could have really hurt somebody Not a nice thing to do. I now have a good reason to dislike these animals.

    the news says their meet in melbourne was without incidance. Anything that happened would have been covered up. I saw drug deals involving bikers in the city too.

    Dont come back to Melbourne bandidos or get rid of the members who are f*&(^%wits, if you can differentiate.
  16. I did a gembrook-reefton-marysville-black spur run on Sunday and couldn't believe the number of police out there. I left FTG at about 08:30

    There was a silver Astra just before reefton that had a bike pulled over. Saw no more until I got to Maysville, one unmarked black commodore and the 4wd. From Marysville to Healsville I saw another 4 unmarked black commodores, 2 with bikes pulled over and a final one (black ss comm) on Clegg Road Mt Evelyn. There must have been a special recently on black SS commodores :)

    There was also a speed camera on the road from Healsville to Woori.

    Thought I did well not to get pulled over, even for a license check.