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Thank me later.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. I finally got around to giving the Reefton and Black Spur a go today.
    Was a bit of a ride but in my opinion well worth it despite what happened.
    I'll leave out the boring details about how I got lost out. :)

    Quite liked what the Reefton Spur. Liked the turns and corners, however, when I was there it was a bit damp and there were a lot of leaves, bark and twigs on the road. I was taking it easy being first time there and all. No dramas.
    BUT... I came across alarge branch that fell onto the road.
    I didn't notice until I almost ran into it but I was able to avoid it.
    I thought 'for someone who was going at a quicker pace they might miss it and get into some grief'. So I found a place that I could pull over off the road.
    Just as I came to a stop the front tyre ran over a branch I dropped my baby. :( Extremely minor damage thanks to the wonderfull Oggy knobs. Slight scratch on the mirror and exaust and I twisted my arm as I was still holding on to the handle when it fell. I've only had it 2 months. Anyway I got over it and turned around and rode back. I walked it a bit but realised I rode quite a distance.

    I've got a pic that I'd post but it's not working atm.
  2. Dont worry 250ninjas... Good karma is on its way back for you. Nice of you to stop and think of others, but sucks about dropping your bike. :facepalm:

    At least its only minor.
  3. Good on ya for keeping the roads clear. And don't worry to much about your bike, just imagine how you would feel if you left the branch and kept going, then heard later that someone came off because of it.

  4. your a good human 250ninja :grin: sorry bout tha bike :cry:
  5. great work man. there were lot of leaves on a stretch in the top section indeed
  6. nice work 250ninja....

    the debris up there can get pretty bad. I drove thru there a couple weeks ago and there was a tree lying across the road. Someone had managed to burn or cut their way through one lane's worth so we were able to squeeze through slowly. It was still smoldering.

    your new bike is a gsxr750? hope it didn't get too much "character" from the drop mate.
  7. Not to much charater marks at all. Won't even notice unless I point it out and even then you'd be squinting to see. Knowing me I probably would end up pointing it out. The only give away would be the Oggy knob.

  8. *puts on best crocodile dundee voice* ....."That's not a branch.....THIS is a branch":


    :p :wink: :LOL:
  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Sure is.
  10. lol...notice how I stayed on the bike and let the guys do all the hard work ;) :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Give yourself some credit.
    It's not as easy as it looks to supervise.
  12. :LOL: Rosie.
    I'm sure moving the branch saved someone from a stack, 250Ninjas - nice work!