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Thank god i was in the cage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gowron, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Still very new to riding, and I did not fill cpnfident riding through busy dandenong to get to work quite yet so i drove, and thank god i did. An old guy in a commonwhore Just merges in behind me and SMACK!!! right into the side of my car. Car goes side ways and how i didnt hit anything else beets the hell out of me. Well i get the car straight again. And pull over and the old guy is pulled over so i walk over to him and he starts yelling me at me how i should have sped up to let him in he was indicating. At that moment a cop walks up and says he saw the whole thing and is the guy sure he wants to keep that line of talking to???

    In the end the guy admitted fault and the cop wrote somethings down, breathtested the old man, and shook my hand and off i went, Should be hearing from his insurance today.

    But i get to thinking if I was on the bike. I know chances are I would not have been in the same spot, but you never know?!
  2. oh man i had the same thing happen to me..... :shock:
    but i had enough room to slow down and beep the horn... no accident.... but boy was i mad :evil: :evil:
  3. No you wont.

    You will need to chase them to get any form of money out of them. It's not in their interests to chase claimants so if I was you I'd be using your own insurance (I hope you're insured) and let them argue it out on your behalf.
  4. contact your own insurance immedietly!!!!! let them handle it all for you - they love it.
  5. nahhhhhh
    if you were on a bike , you would have seen him do it , then you could have smashed his mirror off , out run the police , while texting and popping wheelies between the cars.

    no , glad to hear it worked out , stroke of luck having a copper sitting there too. :LOL:
  6. u r lucky but the sad thing is how many bike incidents/accidents do i read about that because the bike rider is unconscious or hurt the drivers either drive away or just alter the story. because at the time the rider cannot argue it...... :(

    sorry about the depressing post
  7. Hit the nail on the head there...
  8. Well contacted my insurance and it was the right thing to do, so thank you for the advice there. They are going to get in contact with the police officer who saw the whole thing as well. So it all sounds good.

    The cage was a S2 RX7 by the way which i have spent a lot of money on so i was not happy. Just went out before and looked at it, so depressing, so i looked at my new motorbike and that put a smile back on my face :)
  9. would have come of better on a bike cause you would have been speeding any ways...RIGHT?? or r u a poser??
  10. just a joke m8
  11. I get depressed about my old S4 extend ported turbo RX-7 every now and then, then I look at my 250 and remember $20 will get me 400+Kms on that :)

    I'm happy again then ;)
  12. lol so true im at half a tank now over 250Ks If i was in the RX7 I would be empty have filled up and be at about 3 quarter full, Well anyway the guys insurance is paying for full repairs plus a full respray of the car. They cant match the colour thats on mine so there just doing it all in a coulour of my choice which is nice I was wanting to get it sprayed again.

    I so prefer the bike now, i cant really see my self driving anymore.