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Thank God I listened...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vspec2wrx, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Hi Everybody,
    I've been following/reading threads on Netrider for many years dreaming of the day when I finally have the opportunity to own my own motorcycle.
    Well that opportunity has finally come and I spent the day riding around on my brand new (25 year old) MC22 CBR250RR..
    It was like fate brought us together (the bike and I).
    My friends who ride recommended I buy an old inline 4 bike.. I thought who wants the headache of a 20+ year old bike. So in my stubborn-ness I spent the last few weeks looking at 2013-14 ninja 300 and finally saw one I was interested in (I mean it even came with the tool kit!) the owner told me to call him at 4.30.. I texted him at 439 and he replied and told me the bike was sold..
    So I cried a little and jumped back on the usual advertisement sites feeling pesemistic about finding a nice bike that agreed with me..
    That was until I stumbled upon a beautiful MC22 in a colour scheme I had never seen before and hadn't been ruined with with some "silly fairing kit" (that's just IMO no offence if you're into that kind of thing). So I called my biker friend because I was too scared too test ride something I had never tried before.. We went and saw the bike it started first turn as if it was fate, after my friend took it for a test ride and I made the owner take it to a quiet street (he lived on a main road) so I could try the seating position make sure I was happy (I'm about 6'2") we struck a deal the old owner even threw in his helmet and gloves..
    I asked my friend to ride it home it was night as I was still too pussy.. After we dropped the bike home, my friend told me to take it up and down the street but I still waited until morning...
    I woke up the next day put the helmet on and hopped on the bike, it started first time again with a bit of choke. I rode it slowly to a side street and whaddya know, it was amazing I rode to the end of the close did a u-turn rode out. I rode straight to my biker friends place but he was asleep (he's a gamer kinda guy) so I left his house and rode happily until I stopped at the local to check my phone, and my mrs called to tell me I had been out for two hours!!
    I'm so happy I listened and got the MC22. It is easy to ride and handles like its on rails. It needs a little work but that's not a problem since it is about 3G cheaper than a current model learner "sport" bike.
    Just wanted to share my story with some folk who understand and say hello and I hope to bump into some of you guys and gals along the way..

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  2. Thanks Benny!
  3. Welcome, It sounds like love :) When you find yourself stealing covert glances at your beloved bike, when your heart skips a beat when you come out and see it. The first turn of the key and the the eager sound as the engine roars into life. We certainly understand, Enjoy your bike, catch up with the Saturday Practice guys as they often organise learner friendly group bike rides as well.

    Thanks for your post.
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  4. welcome aboard :]
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  5. G'day and welcome vspec2wrxvspec2wrx. Sounds like serendipity, you were meant to have this bike!
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  6. Great intro.
    Welcome along to the house of fun on two wheels
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  7. Welcome to NR
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  8. You have been riding 10 mins and you already know an old MC22 handles like it's on rails??

    In any case, welcome. They are an old battle axe that is hard to kill, and they were the learner bike of choice a few years ago. Depending on how much work it needs, that $3k you saved, may be significantly dwindled away on that work, and you may end up with only a small sum of cash in your pocket, and still a 25 year old bike.

    Come for a ride sometime, I look forward to seeing it.
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  9. Thanks everyone :)
  10. This is not the first bike I've ridden. I've ridden many different scooters, a couple of trail bikes and also a Chinese brand cruiser.. None of these bikes made me feel comfortable in handling like the CBR. You don't necassarily need to go fast to feel that a vehicle has good dynamics :)
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  11. vspec2wrxvspec2wrx I do declare that I detect some 2 wheeled lurve in the air :)
    Great story. Love hearing about feeling that kinda joy from your bike. Lifts my spirits as well.
    Look forward to the photos too.
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  12. Also get used to the Mrs calling you and telling you to come home :)
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  13. Hi and welcome

    and maybe get the Mrs into bike riding :)
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  14. Welcome to NR. Look forward to seeing you out on a ride with us someone.
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  15. Thanks :) I'll definately go to some of the practice sessions/noob cruises before my test at the end of this year..
  16. Howdy and welcome to NR vspec2wrxvspec2wrx . Happy riding!
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  17. I'm gonna try but I highly doubt it :( .. I rented a cruiser once (it was in a country with very lax licence laws) and tried to get her on pillion with me.. I finally convinced her to hop on.. She spent the whole 2km or so yelling at me to turn around lol!! If I can convince her to get to the Ls course I think that will alleviate the fear.. Fingers crossed!
  18. Thanks everyone look forward to joining a group ride in the near future! :)